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Why is my fantail goldfish always floating upside down?

Asked by JmacOroni (3288points) March 5th, 2011

He’s not dead.

As long as we’ve had this fish (2 years), he has done this. He will float around on his back near the top of the tank, then randomly flip over and swim around energetically. In fact, before I asked this question, he was floating at the top of the tank watching me.. and then he took off swimming right afterward.
Is he playing? Do other goldfish do this?

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I’m too late to edit, but I forgot to ask if it could be swim bladder related.. and still be over such a long span of time? He has always done this, which is why I’m tempted to ask at all.

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Could be swim bladder related. Maybe it was hatched with an undersized bladder. Still could be an infection.

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Maybe he’s undead.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet can a fish live for 2 years with an infection? I’m starting to wonder if it is some kind of defective swim bladder… maybe some chronic issue? Back to a diet of peas, I guess.

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I should also have mentioned that he doesn’t have trouble staying upright, either. He swims upright, and often floats around upright, as well. I don’t know if that matters.

So am I looking at a diet change that is easier on the swim bladder? I’m not taking the goldfish to the vet.

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Sounds like a swim badder abnormality.

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@JmacOroni The fish probably wouldn’t survive that long with an infection.

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