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Men: Would you mind a woman having a hip tattoo of her dead husband as a baby imposed on a cherub's face?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) March 5th, 2011

If a woman you were dating had a tattoo on her hip of her dead husband’s face when he was a baby, superimposed on the face of a cherub, would that weird you out? Be a deal-breaker? Bum you out? Turn you on? Play into a very specific fetish you have?

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What? Yes! Sorry, but that’s something to run away from really, really fast.

This question is hysterical, though.

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It’s not my style so I would think it’s kinda weird but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Other than the conversation of her explaining it, I’d probably never big it up again.

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@SavoirFaire Expand on that for me – what are you running away from (I really like the “Why” part of questions…)?

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I am pretty sure he wouldn’t like me slow dancing with my dick in his face.
Not a deal breaker for me, but something I don’t know if I could adjust to.

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I don’t think I could take it seriously. It’d be so random, I don’t know how I’d react.

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@filmfann Aren’t “can’t adjust to” and “not a deal breaker” kind of opposites? Or is that just me…?

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Deal breaker means I see it, or it is described to me, and I am out the door.
I don’t know if I could adjust to it means there is uncertainty. It’s possible I’d be okay with it.

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@MyNewtBoobs It’s a tattoo of someone’s dead husband. That doesn’t say “ready to move on” to me.

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Ya, but it’s a tattoo. It doesn’t just go away when she is ready to move on.

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When you are in a relationship, you get the whole package, the good the bad and anything in between.

If you fall in love with a woman, you should cherish everything she has done and been through because the life she has had made her the woman you are in love with, the person she is today

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@DrBill Unconditionally, even on the first few dates? We’re not talking about cherishing her 15 years into marriage, we’re talking about a gal you’ve known for, at best, a few months.

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I have to ask. Do you know someone with this tattoo?

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Well, okay then. lol.
It would weird me out. Not because she has a memorial tattoo… but the whole baby face of deceased husband on a cherub’s body is weird. The hip also seems like a really bizarre location for such a tattoo.

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@JmacOroni I told her if it was me, I could never go down on a woman because I’d always see his face, reminding me that there were three in this relationship – me, her, and her dead husband.

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@filmfann Well, exactly. That’s why it’s such a long-term problem.

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@MyNewtBoobs exactly. The placement was a really strange choice. I thought hips were reserved for things like cherry blossoms and dice and Hello Kitty. The last thing I want to do is have my head between someone’s legs and look up and see her ex husband as an infant. Just, seems like a bad idea, overall. Your friend isn’t reading this criticism, is she? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
Does this tattoo already exist.. or is it being considered?

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It would make no difference

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@JmacOroni No, she isn’t, and it already exists. This was actually a conversation from a couple years ago that I remembered and thought I’d see if it turns out I was crazy all that time ago… No, no I wasn’t…`

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That’s not the kind of thing that I’m likely to discover during the initial dating phase, is it? I mean, we’re not nudists and our first dates probably don’t involve swimsuits or lingerie, right? Count me in if they do! So by the time that I might even learn about this I’m probably deeply enough involved that I’d get over it. Either that or I’d laugh at it and she’d kick me out of bed and that would be the end of that.

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If he’s dead, that’s good enough for me.

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I think my wife wouldn’t be keen on it. Also, I really don’t like tattoos of any kind.

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My wife asked me if I would mind if she got a tattoo of some kind to commemorate her ex-husband after he died. I said I wouldn’t have minded (and I wouldn’t) but there were a few differences. It wasn’t going to be a baby/cherub head, it wasn’t going to be on her thigh, and I knew the guy and liked him and respected him.

In this case I think it would be a bit different, but I could understand why it was done and could probably ignore it. I’m not all that keen on tattoos anyway, so it would probably be something to put on the ignore list for sure.

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I wouldn’t date a lady with ANY tattoo of anything. Just don’t like them things.

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I wouldn’‘t be able to keep a straight face!

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I love this question. Reminds me of the good old days.

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Just because I just finished chiming in about Charlie Sheen on another thread, I can’t help but think that this scenario is something that would happen to poor Alan (Jon Cryer) on Two and a Half Men.

I would be a little bit concerned, but if the woman had a very good (not crazy sounding) explanation for why this tatoo gives her comfort, and it seems like she is handling her grief in a rational manner, and she truly seems interested in you and seems to be moving forward in a normal manner, then the tatoo itself, should not be a problem.

All the regular red flags, should they appear, would give you cause to run: weepy widow who only talks about her husband, she talks about her husband as if he were still alive and coming back, she talks about you as though you need to aspire to be exactly like her dead husband, she refers to her dead husband as her dead child, she constantly talks about re-uniting with her dead husband in the after life, she seems unable to get past her grief and move forward with her own life and a new mate. But these are the same types of red flags, even if she didn’t have the “unusual tatoo.” Although I think the tatoo was kind of an impetuous decision, it was probably based upon true grief and a weird idea that getting the tatoo would give her some type of relief.

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I don’t think it would be a deal breaker, but kind of odd.The guy has passed so he wouldn’t be a romantic threat I don’t believe. Otherwise, women with tattoos I find interesting. I have a few myself. No dead ex’s though.

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