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Why am I suddenly attracted to Asian men?

Asked by chelle21689 (6987points) March 5th, 2011

For the past several years I’ve always had a thing for black/mixed guys. I had a boyfriend for 6 years that was black but I liked him more because of his personality not his looks at all. We broke up a month ago, and all of a sudden I’m starting to be really attracted to Asian men…particularly Southeast Asians (Lao, Cambodian, Filipino, etc).

I never really was attracted to them. But now I am…what the heck? Haha (I’m an Asian girl by the way)

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What do you like about Asian guys all of a sudden? What repelled you about them before?

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Reminds me of a joke. A gorgeous woman sits on a plane and starts talking to a guy next to her. She mentions that she’s single and she has a thing for Jews and cowboys. She asks his name and he says, “My name is Bucky Goldstein.”

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Ha ha I didn’t know the joke or at least haven’t heard it before [ nice one ^^ ]

Anyway dear chelle is nice for you that you’r attracted to them. I don’t think that they are bad for you .. maybe you just didn’t pay too much attention to them before .. who knows.

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You’re suddenly surrounded by a bunch of abnormally smokin’ men of asian descent?

@MyNewtBoobs – I don’t think that the OP mentioned being repelled by Asians – simply that they weren’t her thang before. And now they weirdly are. When we’re talking about sexual attraction, it’s mostly about flavor – if you go through your life loving chocolate and always choosing it over vanilla – wouldn’t it seem odd if all of a sudden you couldn’t get enough vanilla?

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I have seen many asian men who are extremely attractive, perhaps that is the reason. It often seems too, that people who are half caucasian and half asian or black seem to inherit the best qualities of both backgrounds and are absolutely gorgeous.

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@iamthemob do you like Asian men?


Perhaps you are finally coming into your own. ;)

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@MRSHINYSHOES lol, good one :) like there is something so notable about being attracted to Asian men that is worthy of a public mention.

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Why is this question in my “Just for you” box?

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@Rarebear Reminds me of another joke. A man sees a woman in a bookstore reading an interesting looking book. He goes up to her and asks what it’s about. She answers, “Well, it’s a little embarrassing to be reading it, but it discusses the relationships between ethnicity and penis size. It’s funny, it says Poles and Native Americans have the biggest penises! I’m Jenny, by the way.” The man takes her hand, “Hi Jenny, I’m Flying Cloud Kowalski.”

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@sliceswiththings after a long disapproving pause that did make me chuckle.

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It’s probably not an Occident.

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Guess maybe you’ve just become orientaled that way.

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@janbb, @Austinlad – y’all need to stop yangtzeing the OP’s chain and get back on chopstick.

(In the interest of not offending – I will attest to my great respect for Asian culture, particularly the internal focused spiritual perspective in the culture.)

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Perhaps you just weren’t really looking at the others while in the relationship for the past 6 years and now that you’re single, your eyes are open to see what else is out there. :)

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LOL people keep making jokes about this! Like that saying “Once you go black you never go back” I guess I am looking for something different without even trying haha.

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Here’s a few reasons:

Garrett Wang from Star Trek TNG

Rodney Yee the yoga instructor

Sean Lennon

Daniel Dae-Kim from Lost and Hawaii 5–0

John Cho from Star Trek 2009

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Ohhhhh, have you ever seen any more lovely than Rodney or Daniel!

As long as they don’t expect subservient Asian female attitudes, I think you are just opening your eyes!

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It’s because we’re awesome. Hell, I’m only ¼ Pinoy and I’m really awesome. :P

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I like how they don’t have a lot of hair. I’m jealous of the smooth bodied men lol.

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kardamom, i don’t like any of those guys haha


@mammal Well, she does make an excellent point. (Although unfortunately, I’m not of Southeast Asian descent but of Japanese/Chinese descent——again, making a note of that. Lol.)

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@MRSHINYSHOES That is a very cute picture of you! : )


@Kardamom Thanks. My little one took that pic last fall. Lol.

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