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It's the Sydney Mardi Gras weekend, so in support of all our gay and lesbian flutherites, what would you wear if you could be part of the parade?

Asked by Bellatrix (21257points) March 6th, 2011

It’s Mardi Gras! What would you wear if you could be part of the parade. I think I would dress up as a witch from Hogwarts so I could wave my wand and everyone would be accepting of difference.

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The year I was there I wore a white leather bustier with cone shaped breasts ala Madonna and black and white tiger striped bikini bottom.

Just kidding, I was there one year to spectate but dressed as I usually do, jeans and a blouse. However the outfit I described above would have been appropriate, albeit a tad conservative, relatively speaking! :-)

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It is one of the best parties in the world isn’t it? I bet you would look super in your white leather bustier with cone shaped breasts. They are replaying the parade on Arena now.

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Nothing but a mask!

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a condom.

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A tuxedo and top hat a la Marlene Dietrich.

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@janbb Yum!
I would wear this.

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@MacBean Exactimundo – I’ve always fancied that look!

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Last year at my local mardi-gras, one of my friends said they wanted to see me dressed as a New York cop, so I’d probably do that. Essential equipment – a pair of handcuffs. ;-)

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What I normally wear.

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Beads and nothing else.

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I’m a big fan of feather boas.

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A huge gormless grin :¬)

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nothing by a strategically placed boa constrictor.

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my rainbow socks and I’m open to suggestions for the rest!

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