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Does President Obama really have parasites? Is his health good?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 6th, 2011

I read an article that stated that on a recent vacation trip to Hawaii, President Obama contracted parasites in his body and has lost a tremendous amount of weight, because of it. Has this report proven to be true? If so, were any of his family members infected? Question: if the President becomes sick and unable to serve, will the Vice-President be able to handle the many affairs of the United States Government?

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Stop believing what you read in tabloids.

In the unlikely the President contracted parasites his doctors would eradicate them.

In the event that a President is ill and unable to perform his job the Vice President steps in.

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This was not a tabloid, I believe I read the article on Yahoo News on the internet.

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I just googled, going in with the assumption that you believed some absolute baloney. It was published in National Enquirer so hopefully that answers your question.

Also, he’s on TV pretty often. Where is this incredible weigh tloss?

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Likeradar, I hear you. But, has he had a physical lately and passed it? He admitted that he has lost 33 pounds and did not know why. This is why I asked this question.

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@john65pennington So, a man with a job as stressful as his lost weight without really trying. WOW! Clearly he has parasites. Also, according to the Chicago Sun Times, he passed his 2010 physical and is in “excellent” health.
Can you find the story on Yahoo news? You are aware that the National Enquirer publishes bullshit, right?

@filmfann lol

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Radar, this is not a question to shake your rafters. Its an honest question.

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The Chicago Trib blog section had a piece on Rush Limbaugh getting on Michelle Obama’s weight!! The President admits to wearing the same clothes he had when he got married 17 years ago, and that his weight can fluctuate by 5 lbs at any given time. His clothes never fit him too well.

Given the fact that he’s got the whole Libya thing to deal with right now, I image that he’s got a lot on his might at the moment.

I think there’s more important things to worry about than the President’s weight. All of the comments in the weight articles are based on “an anonymous insider.” You should know by now that usually means “we’re making this up.”

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@john65pennington It’s pretty shocking to me that someone would actually believe a story from the National Enquirer that the POTUS contacted parasites.
So I’m questioning your claim that you read it on Yahoo News, and the possibility that it’s true at all.
You asked about his physical, I cited a reputable source.
What about my answer is implying that I’m not thinking this is a valid question?

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Optimistic, thanks for the link. jp

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It is a spoof headline.
There is also an article there about how Palin and Obama have agreed to nude photo amnesty.

Let’s see how many times Obama opponents pass this nonsense. around and around.
I’ll check my email

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I believe Yahoo News picks up news stories via bots. To my knowledge they are not the actual source of any of the news stories. So even if it was picked up on the Yahoo news feed it does not mean it is reliable.

When reading anything on the Internet it is best to verify the source before considering it anything other than fiction.

Also most internal parasites that cause weight loss are not easily spread among family members. So in respond to that part of your question they would likely be fine.

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Okay, here’s the source of the 30 lb. weight loss – it’s speculation by Dr. Mike Dow, Psych. D of TLC’s Freaky Eaters. There is no “fact” attached to it. This article also has pictures of the President in a bathing suit.

What is fact is that the President took office weighing 15 lbs. less than suggested for his height. His normal weight is 175, instead of 190. He says his weight routinely fluctuates by 5 lbs. Given that people with high metabolisms can drop weight quite easily in times of stress, it would not be surprising if he weighs 10 lbs less than normal at the moment.

Mike Dow appears to be offering up as “proof” the comparison of photos of the president in 2007 in the bathing suit, and a 2011 photo in oversized clothing. I’m not seeing it; I see a normally thin man wearing oversized, comfortable clothing.

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Frankly, and with respect for @john65pennington‘s honest enquiry, I would say all presidents and heads of state are beset by parasites. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but mainly feed of the kudos and aura of their chosen host. The items discussed above and the ‘viral’ propagation of the rumours about Mr Obama are pretty much the norm for people in his position.

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Just for the record, we all have parasites. Everyone has helpful parasites in their digestive system.

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To answer the second part of the question, the vice-president is sworn in to serve when the president is unable to fulfill his duties. When President Reagan was shot, VP George Bush was acting president, and Al Haig, speaker of the House was acting VP.

In looking at last year, the President got his annual physical in late February, and the media covered it in mid-March. So the results should be forthcoming within the next few weeks. His physician is Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman.

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Also, he’s from Hawai’i, so his body is used to the food there. He wouldn’t get parasites from stuff his body can handle, unless the pork was undercooked. I seriously doubt any self-respecting chef would serve the President undercooked pork. Just saying.

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This question was not an attack on the president, the tabloids, Yahoo News or anyone associated with the medical profession.

This question was asked strictly for the concern of President Obama and his health and nothing else.

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This is the sort of story that shouldn’t be published unless proven true and perhaps not even then but Obama and the United States are both in good health you will be pleased to hear.

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@AstroChuck When they’re helpful they’re not called parasites. They’re called symbiotes.

My guess is that he’s just smoking more because of the stress of everything falling the fuck apart. It’s possible he has parasites, though. A lot more Americans than we realize have them, but most don’t effect us enough to notice.

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I think he is just a skinny man. But what I do notice and have noticed on all presidents of the US is how his looks are changing and aging. He appears a lot older now than he did when he took office.

(Apparently Michelle did not acquire any parasites, she appears to be bulking up some!)

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Yes. He’s going to turn into an alien. Quick. Call the press.

We ALL have parasites.

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I’m no apologist for the National Enquirer, but they did break the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story well before any other news outlet.

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Perhaps he is unknowingly wearing parasitic clothing that actually gets bigger as it steals his body mass, or so my anonymous inside sources tell me. ;-p

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