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What is the best internet radio station you have found that allows you to make a channel?

Asked by gravity (3116points) March 6th, 2011

I am searching for a very user friendly online radio station to listen to that allows my music preferences to create a channel or mix of channels. I have tried Pandora but get frustrated with it everytime I try to use it. The commercials are many and why would I want to listen to samples of songs I have bookmarked instead of the whole song? Maybe I am missing something with them but I don’t care for it so far. I am trying Jango at the moment and seems to be ok… just waiting for the issues to begin though. What radio stations do you like the most and why?

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Last.FM takes care of everything for you, it makes Pandora look like hard labor.

It tracks what you listen to and makes a station from that. It also makes recommendations based on your music library and lets you play your library when you are away from your computer.

Works with iTunes/WinAmp/Windows Media Player/Foobar

Available for Mac/Linux/Windows/iPhone/Android

Yes I sound like a commercial, but I’m simply a very satisfied customer

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@jaytkay Huh, I have not had good luck with 95% of what it plays isn’t what I like at all – and I’ve spent enough time on there that you’d think it would start picking up some of it.

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It’s not a internet radio station but you can make your own playlists and they have a wide range of music at GrooveShark.

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keep going… I’m appreciating every answer
: )

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You can also use, which is a lot like GrooveShark

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Pandora is excellent.

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