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Where are we going?

Asked by Soubresaut (13702points) March 6th, 2011

You have a crystal ball in front of you. What do you see in it for the world?

And what would you like to see?

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symbiotic fusion of man and machine…perhaps? :-/ I don’t know… I’m a mere mortal

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…to Disneyland.

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Society is currently traveling down one of those spooky horror movie dirt roads…And just like in the movies we are about to enter hell….. I hope we make it through

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We don’t need a crystal ball we can see it happening before our very eyes. The world is being trashed.

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All I’m going to see in a crystal ball is a reflection. But if I had to prognosticate about the future, I’d say some people are in for a surprise when it turns out the singularity is a myth. I foresee things staying very similar to how they are, even as individual social issues get resolved. Homosexuals will become more fully integrated into society, for instance, and the chauvinists of the world will just find some other group they can get away with targeting in public.

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In a couple thousands years man will have mastered cold fusion technology which will deliver unlimited cheap energy. In 50 thousand years man will be back to living in caves and wondering who made all of the strange looking porcelain figurines (which will actually be remnants of toilets).

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Well, I’m afraid I know one thing that won’t change: human nature.

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Towards a zombie apocalypse, of course.

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Towards getting our sh1t together.

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For just one day, that the earth was reverting back time to the summer of 1960. People could have their suv’s and computers to take with them. The purpose of this time warp revelation is to show people of today, what it was like to buy gasoline for 29 cents a gallon. People with Hummers could fillup on about $15 dollars and you could take your best girl out to dinner and a movie for $5 bucks.

Sound interesting? Where is that crystal ball? This world could stand just one day of reprieve from the high cost of everything.


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We’ll go to The End of Empire, one way or another.

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Around and around and around the sun just a touch under a year a rotation.

@john65pennington How much was an average wage for that time? A comparison of wages earned against spending would be interesting.

It takes about $400 to fill my tank these days. However, with the dollar menus and those movie rental boxes, a $5.00 dinner/movie date may not be unachievable.

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Quo Vadimus. Sports Night should have gone another few seasons.

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Society as we know it will crash and we will eventually transition back to a more sustainable economy.
We might all also need to learn Chinese.

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I see higher gas prices this summer, President Obama not being re-elected for a second term, the U.S. military will not be pulled out of Iraq or Afghanistan as soon as people would like, governments in the Middle East will continue to deteriorate, North Korea will continue to act like a total ass but not prove to be a viable threat, Sarah Palin will not be a serious candidate for president, the housing market throughout the country will stagnate for many moons to come, my divorce will finally happen by year’s end, healthcare issues will continue to plague the populace, unemployment will rise even higher, the immigration problem will continue unabated no matter how much the government gets involved, and drugs will not be legalized in the United States other than medical marijuana.

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@Bluefreedom, you mean North Korea won’t invade the mainland US in a bombastic show of force they couldn’t realistically muster? Damn, guess I better return all my second hand web gear and Molon Labe patches to the military surplus store…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. Unfortunately not. They’re just going to remain the same old festering pimple on the rear end of the Asian continent and lapse into mediocrity.

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@Bluefreedom, for shame. It would have been fun to shout “Wolverines!” from a hilltop while repelling them and causing their regime to topple from being stretched too thin. Well, one can dream, I reckon.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. Now that you mention it, that would be fun. Let’s formulate a battle plan and put together a team of home grown insurgents and kick some communist ass. I’ll fly over to North Korea and kick the hornets nest to get the ball rolling.

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@Bluefreedom, alright, I’ll bring the football pads and the .22s. You can bring the actual relevant experience… like that badass fighter pilot in Red Dawn.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. Roger that! I’ll bring some of my military buddies along also and with the armament we can supply, we’ll annihilate anything and everything.

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I see, oh my god it’s Auntie Em!! Shit….. now I see those pesky flying monkeys, better lay off the weed for a while :¬(

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How did I know when I saw the beginning of that exchange that someone had been watching Red Dawn?

Anyway, I’m in. :P

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@incendiary_dan, glad you’re on board.

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I’ll see….

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@queenie I’d revise that to WW V, since we’re basically in the Fourth World War now.

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Israel will do it’s utmost to fulfill some of those Zionist conspiracy theories that normally make my head spin, the Arab world probably wont depose every western puppet dictator by peaceful means if at all, although Morocco and Algeria is a possibility….Saudi Arabia will make huge concessions and embark on a mission of mass appeasement, Chaos in Saudi Arabia including civil war is too terrible a prospect to contemplate. Hopefully North and South Korea kiss and makeup, they may have a Berlin wall moment. America will realise that Empires are ultimately too expensive and cumbersome, and focus on domestic issues. It will eventually dawn on them that massive Kudos is waiting for whomsoever takes the initiative to decommission military bases and take a measured multilateral approach to foreign problems. But Israel could definitely become a horrible nightmare.

And lots and lots of Protests demonstrations and strikes to secure various concessions from governments without any rock hard rigid ideology or complex theoretical agenda. In the 1970’s Britain had a period of intensive industrial action and social upheaval later to be referred to as the Winter of discontent, that would be my prognosis for large quarters of the world, notwithstanding the Arab quarter, a very long and widespread winter of discontent.

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@queenie The ideas of Subcommandante Marcos about the Third and Fourth World Wars are explained in the link I provided. I think they’re useful in understanding the the historical changes that warfare has undergone in the last century.

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