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Why did these people resort to shooting everyone?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) March 6th, 2011

I am talking about incidents like the one in University of Austin in September 2010 and the one at Virginia Tech in 2007? and others that keep happening.

I understand sometimes it has to do with mental issues but then I remember reading about this one that happened recently where the shooter (a student at some college) blamed the people around him to be trashy. (He had left a note and the note sounded quite sane.)

Is it true that some of these people had wounds inflicted upon them by the people they shot and they resorted to shooting as the only method of getting back at them?

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They usually have problems with groups of people…They also suck at shooting

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In each of these instances, the shooter was a male. Angry young men, especially mentally ill fellows, seem to like guns and violence, and when you shoot the place up, there is a very dramatic outcome. I think that these shooters suspect that they have been wronged and/or ignored in some way, and by shooting up the place, their message will be heard loud and clear. And because they see violence all over the TV whether it’s real violence, like with wars and civil unrest or whether it’s violent movies and TV shows, it all looks very glamorous and efficient to someone who is mentally ill, and really can’t see the difference between real life violence and entertainment style violence and they probably don’t think that they are mentally ill, they just think they’re solving a problem.

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@coffeenut what do you mean by “usually have problems with groups of people”? Are you saying they have mental problems leading them to oppose people? or they are extremists and try to hurt others with opposing views? or the shooter was initially harassed by a group individuals?

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No law abiding citizens were allowed to carry to counter the shooters.

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Misdirected anger.

It’s very difficult to try and rationalize the actions of the mentally ill. Outcasts targeting those they perceive to be the causes of their situation… psychos attacking random political leaders that vaguely fit into some imagined system they feel they are victims of….

You can go full-Freud on these kinds of people all you want. You can shuffle the blame onto video games, or guns, or the nebulous concept of a culture of violence, or whatever is convenient, but in the end, you just can’t apply sane logic to the insane. Some people are just fucking nuts.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard With enough Stress and pressure anyone can become a “psycho”...

@raven860 You should look-up the reports on these incidents, The people that do these things usually leave a note explaining themselves and what group of people are they targeting…They want others to know…

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People who shoot other people as you describe are just psycho’s (nutsycookoo).

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they want to be on the news. They have been made to feel marginalized.

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Some are victims of an addicted mother or father, especially during the nine month period, when the mother was on illegal drugs and carrying her child. This is the final outcome, in some cases.

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For once I have to disagree sort of with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. As amusing as his little graphic was, it’s false and completely backward. First, our ancient ancestors weren’t particularly violent (not that they were pacifists, either). Our success as a species has been primarily due to our cooperation in groups. Our culture is extremely violent, we just don’t count it as violence in most cases. We talk about reductions in certain types of crimes and use that to ignore other forms of violence being perpetrated. What we don’t mention is the link between prosperity and violence, and that much of our prosperity is bought at the cost of others’ poverty. Much of our violence is exported, inflicted on others on our behalf elsewhere, and therefore putting a distance between people and the harsh reality of it.

But I don’t think that’s the main cause, just a factor in influencing the outcome. What really happens in a lot of these cases is that the attackers are people who were particularly effected by the isolation of our culture’s trend of separation and distancing ourselves from one another. I think even just having stimuli primarily from things made just by humans can drive people sort of insane. Between separation from the world around us, and the further separation many people experience from our fellow humans, it’s easy to see how someone wouldn’t recognize the personhood of others anymore.

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@incendiary_dan, I’ll give you that much. I was just looking for an excuse to post that cartoon :-p

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I kinda figured. Luckily, it gave me an excuse to trot out my wasted education!

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@incendiary_dan never let an opportunity to do so go to waste!

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Sandwich short of a picnic, would be the blunt but accurate assesment. Hate the world & everything in it. They always have to take the lives of innocents, for them it gives credence to their putrid actions.

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