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Can you wiggle your ears?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) March 6th, 2011

I can!
What other weird stuff can you people do?

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Yep, just have to use my fingers to do so.

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Yes. Not only can I wiggle them, but I can wiggle each ear independent of the other. I have only met one other person who can do this. Can you?

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I can’t move my ears, but I can make my tongue into weird shapes.

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@PoppArtist—Make that two other people, and one other person for me. I can do that too! : D

The funny part is how I learned to wiggle my ears, which was at a fairly young age. I used to pretend to flatten my ears like a horse when I got mad so I had something to focus on rather than yelling at people. I started feeling like my ears really were moving, so looked in a mirror one day, and what do you know! Have been able to do it since. Ahaha

@Seelix, what kinds of weird shapes? I can do that ‘three-leaf-clover’ thing.

I can also bodyroll my right thumb, because the knuckle-joint bends way the wrong way. (Which sucks when I’m trying to do things like use scissors, because it gets that way and is useless.)

Oh and wiggle my pinky toes on both my feet independent from the rest, and with my monkey toe and big toe pick things up with ease… Shake my eyes so they look like they’re quivering…

Haha okay I’ll stop edit-adding now…

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I can move each one independently as well. I learned while reading a book. With my head looking down at the book, I would occassionally flex the muscles in my head. I felt my ears move and just practiced that movement. Kind of a lame story…

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I can wiggle my ears. It was fun to do so when I wore glasses as the glasses would ride up and down my nose.

I can also cross my eyes or one or the other eye.

Can you tell I didn’t watch a lot of tv when I was a kid.

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I can sing with my mouth shut.

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I can roll my tongue like this, and I can “close” it from that shape (I couldn’t find a picture online). I can also do a clover shape like this and like this, and also make my tongue into a deep cup shape.

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I can wiggle my ears, however I can’t do it if I’m smiling!

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Nope. Nothing with my ears. Outside of being pierced, there’s nothing that exciting about them, just ears.

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I have hypermobile fingers and shoulder blades. My fingers bend backwards, and I can push my shoulder blades out. Can’t seem to wiggle my ears though.

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Yes, and while I’m doing it I can move my eyebrows independently at the same time.

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Nope, no ear waggling over here. I am however fairly flexible. My legs can go behind my head, and I can twist my arms 360 degrees. This also means that there is no spot on my back I cannot reach, so it has a function I suppose. Oh, and I guess if I lay down when doing something I can reach an itch on my head with my feet, if I’m feeling lazy. :P

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@PoppArtist I can wiggle my left ear without wiggling my right ear, but I can’t wiggle my right ear without wiggling the left one!

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@Prosb I can also reach any spot on my back, though I think it may have something to do with my hypermobility considering my shoulder blades come out when I reach for the middle of my back.

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Yes I can wiggle my ears, I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit, I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.

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I can, but I invariably wind up looking not dissimilar to a constipated village idiot.
Another neat trick is that I can will away an erection simply by imagining Oprah naked :¬(

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No ear wiggling, but I can do the same things with my tongue as @Seelix. When I was little, I was also hyper-flexible, and could do all sorts of weird stuff – like bend my thumbs backward to touch my arms, sit (and even lay down on my back) like this, and touch my shoulder blades to each other by popping them out. I can still ‘pop out’ my clavicle. Oh, and I can crack my chest.

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LOL,, keep em coming folks!
oh and @Rarebear… same here with the eyebrows… _ _

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@augustlan: How does one crack their chest? I’d probably try it; however, I’m sure it will involve a cast on another part of my body.

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@cak LOL… can you imagine how more awkward that would be, when you have a shower?
The bin bag would have to cover your chest aswell!

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Nope haha, but I can do this thing where I put my arms out, cross them, twist them inward, put one elbow over the other, and put them over my head. That was a terribly confusing description though. ;)

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@queenie: I know me. Baby wipes would be my friend. I’m too grumpy just with the cast on my leg!

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@cak I have no clue how I crack my chest. It just… happens. Grosses people out every time. :D

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@augustlan Does it sound like cracking knuckles? What does it feel like?

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@augustlan This is really turning into an odd curiosity for me!

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I can wiggle my right ear but not my left. I can also roll my tongue into a tube.

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@MacBean and @cak It pretty much sounds exactly like someone cracking their neck or back. It’s a big POP, and feels like it relieves pressure, just like regular joint cracking. It very clearly comes out of my sternum area, though, and it does freak people out. I don’t really understand why it’s any more gross than cracking knuckles, which I can’t really do. :p

My old physical therapist is the only other person I’ve ever known who could crack his chest. He was skilled, though. He could just touch it a certain way with his fingertips and crack it at will. Mine usually only happens when I stretch (arms over head, leaning slightly backward).

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@augustlan I CAN DO THAT. Sometimes. It happens for me when I tighten the muscles in my chest and hunch my shoulders forward a little. More often it just makes my back crack, but sometimes there’s a good loud POP! from my breastbone, too. I don’t think anyone’s ever been grossed out by it, though, unless they were someone who says “Ewww!” at knuckle-cracking, too.

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@MacBean Yay for chest cracking! My oldest daughter can crack just about every joint in her body, and does so frequently, but even she is grossed out by the chest crack. Go figure. :)

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@augustlan & @MacBean:—I look totally look a freak sitting here trying to do this…but I’m probably not in the category of being able to crack my own chest. I only “EEEEWWW” when my son tries to crack his knuckles. There’s something funky about the sound that comes from his left hand.

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Yup, I can wiggle both ears and even raise both eyebrows at the same time too! lol! – No chest cracking though, that’s a bit much!

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I can wiggle my left eyebrow on its own but not my right

I can shut my left eye only without wrinkling it or my right eye. That really looks freaky. Like if you saw me from the left I’m asleep but from the right I’m awake.

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