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Why isn't there a Fluther app?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) March 6th, 2011

for iPhones, Berries, or Androids? Or is there and I can’t find it?

If we don’t, will we ever have one?

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There are currently 60,500 questions and answers specifically about fluther + app.

A search first would be best.

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There was one but it became defunct after updates. We may get one again someday.

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I don’t understand the appeal of smartphone apps. I simply go to the site in a browser. Most popular sites give a slimmed-down mobile version of the web page automatically.

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@jaytkay: I thought so too until I got the iphone… I like getting instant updates from social sites (not just through email) and the apps make for easier using lots of times. I prefer it over web browsing almost always.

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Fluther decided not to keep going with the app because we thought it wouldn’t be a great use of our time. We worked hard to make sure the mobile version of the site was totally functional so smartphones (especially the iPhone) can interact with it no problem. With only 6 engineers, learning how to develop and deploy apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, along with making more awesome, was just too much. iPhone = Obj-C, Android = Java, and Blackberry = god knows what.

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I have an android phone and find the site really easy to use on my phone I haves timescape which means any updates appear in that

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I don’t even have a smartphone, and I think the browser version of the site is extremely easy to use and very functional. I Fluther from my phone all the time, and my phone is about as basic as they get for being 3 years old.

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It’s all you need.

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@the100thmonkey ty ty ty…... My berry did not detect this and was painful on the browser.
A huge sigh of comfort now.

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It’s a lot better on smartphones, no? :)

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Thank you! I was wondering why Fluther had no mobile version.

Shouldn’t the site automatically send smartphone users to that URL?

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@jaytkay it should and does with iPhones and Android phones, but I’m not sure about some of the other ones. If it doesn’t, it just means we didn’t have anything to test with and no information about the browser on the phone (like the user agent string).

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@camertron I get the regular web page, not the mobile, from my Android phone (AT&T/HTC Inspire). Using both the default browser and Firefox.

Feel free to send a message if I can be of any help testing.

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Why isn’t flagging enabled for the mobile version?

That seems pretty basic and kinda essential, doesn’t it?

I understand not seeing the community feed due to space constraints and don’t really miss it.

But no flagging, plus the inexplicable return to Tiny Avatarland are both pretty frustrating.

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