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How many feet of snow did you drive through this morning?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36528points) March 7th, 2011

Another beautiful day in Upstate NY. We’ve got more than two feet over night and it’s still blowing and drifting. All the roads in this county are closed, so I’m also an outlaw. But on the plus side, traffic was prety nonexistent. How’s the weather were you are?

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What you got in snow, we got in rain.

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It rained almost all of the leftover snow away yesterday, now my neighbors have to take down their outdoor Christmas decorations.

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Driving would require me to leave the house.. which I do not do. :P
We only have about an inch of snow. However, that is on top of the hideous flooding from last week’s persistent torrential downpours. We actually broke an all time record for snowfall this winter, and it looks like the same will be true for rainfall if it doesn’t stop soon. Feels like there has been consistent precipitation every day for months.

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We have alittle snow from 2 nights ago but the streets are clear now :(

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I guess if I have a choice I’ll take the snow over the rain. I’ve been through flooding and that’s worse than the snow.

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All we have left is a little ice. Supposed to get an inch and a half of rain starting later tonight.

Can you say flood watch?

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I’m thinking Spring here. Even though it’s cold this morning were expecting mid-30’s this afternoon and sunny. That should melt some more of the white stuff. Rain on Wednesday and 40’s will hopefully start showing some lawn….Yep I’m thinking Spring and gettin happy:D

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It is fairly cool here in Utah and has been raining for a couple days. It is predicted that it may change to snow today but we will see. I was able to plant all my bulbs for spring flowers this weekend. We will still get some snow but it is approaching spring.

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Arkansas is cool but sunny and clear….no snow, even up here on the mountain.

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The last snow we had was about an inch of accumulation Saturday night. We’ve had a bunch of rain and some flooding though.

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Zero. It’s been pretty warm and thank goodness for that because our heater went out on Saturday.

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We got tons of rain in central MA/northern RI. I’m really hoping the rain and heat last night was enough to melt the ice off the lake at work. I’m itching to do some fishing.

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I work from home so don’t have to drive to work.
Frosty this morning in the UK, sunny now 42F but no snow… thank goodness

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@Adirondackwannabe: I sat here last night and listened to a severe, long-lasting rain storm, accompanied by the ominous sound of the sump pump turning on every ten minutes. I was able to see water dripping into the well from the hole cut into the concrete foundation.

Then the temperature dropped into the teens, everything froze and the power went off for several hours.

This morning no one is driving anywhere; a layer of ice on everything. The old field white pines have heavy branches whose tips hit the ground and the white birches are bent double. Rather as though the trees are wearing hoop skirts. It is very worrisome.

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A grand total of 0 feet.

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We got about half a centimeter. It’s really just kinda rainy and gray and perfect for lighting a fire, wrapping yourself up in an Afghan, making some hot cocoa, and reading a good book. Damn you school!!! Ruining perfectly good days…

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No snow, no rain just a bit nondescript and grey.

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A tad of rain, that’s ittt.

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It rained all day yesterday, all we’ve had today are high winds. Take a look .

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Despite it’s been getting colder and colder, longer and longer, snowier and snowier for the past decade or so, the roads were clear this morning. Tomorrow is another unpredictable day.

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