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Whats your favorite kind of frozen veggie burgers?

Asked by buster (10239points) April 16th, 2008

i like homemade ones the best but morningstar thai burger is okay and boca blows!

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Morning Star Cheddar Burgers!

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Morning Star chx patties are great, especially when you saute with a tiny bit of fresh parmesan.

I’ve made some with seitan that were tasty.

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being a veggie here, i love boca cheeseburgers, morning star sausage patties, chicken patties, morning star has asian patties too, they are SO good. My store has veggie hot dogs, veggie bacon, chicken nuggets, mushroom burgers, spinach and cheese nuggets – I have tried everything under the sun. i don’t even miss meat – they even have ground meat too, you can make chilli, lazagna…....veggie tacos…...all kinds of stuff!

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My fave is Morningstar Black Bean Burger. I do not like Boca Burgers but the barbeque ribs are delicious.

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oh yeah – bbq ribs are yummy!
i haven’t tried the chili and lazagna yet… on my list.
and also have you noticed how much more expensive vegetarian stuff is?

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Have you tried Quorn? If you don’t mind the contents (fermented fungal protein), it’s really good. Hi quality protein, low fat, no cholesterol.

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