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How do you take a video of your screen? What program?

Asked by earthyearth (61points) March 7th, 2011

How do you take a vdo of your screen, preferably games, what programs do you use?

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Works great and is free.

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Although I’ve never tried it, I would assume you could use the screen recording feature in QuickTime.

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Assuming you sue Windows (you mentioned games) and want to make videos of your leetness, I would suggest FRAPS or Xfire.

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What Aqua said!!!!!

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Well you said games, so I’m assuming you don’t want suggestions for mac.

Fraps, as @the100thmonkey said is good, but it records at a high quality by default and can really eat up HD space if you’re not careful. I haven’t used Xfire, but if you’re looking to upload online you might want to consider Livestream’s Procaster software, which is free and fairly nonintrusive when playing games.

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Smart recorder.

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how do you use fraps ?

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