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Suggestions for some clothes to flatter my unusual body type?

Asked by awacting (798points) March 7th, 2011

I’m a little bit unsure about what to wear. My ribs kind of stick out unproportianately to my stomach which is flat. I’m pretty skinny, but my large ribs make me look kind of anorexic if i don’t make the effort to even out my stomach and my ribs. I was thinking that i should wear loose shirts, but they don’t fall on my bust like a feel they should because I’m really small up there. I don’t know what clothes to wear that will flatter my body type. Any help would be great. Also feel free to put clothes that I should stay away from.

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awacting Are you male or female? how old are you?

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I guess I missed that you said bust, lol

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You’re built like my sister. Until she had kids and put on weight in the middle, she stuck to things that had an empire waist or a dropped waist.

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Vests and jackets will look good and flatter your slimness while smoothing out your ribs to make them less noticable. I also like blouses with a shape that has a slight flare at the bottom to even out the top and bottom of your torso. Things with seaming over the bust and style details like pockets , embroidered areas and lace details towards the neckline to draw attention to your face are also good.

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Go for empire waisted shirts or dresses. They’re a little form fitted on top so should fit like, well, a fitted shirt. The “waistband” is up a bit higher though, so it’ll just fall around your midsection as opposed to being tight or clingy around your ribs.

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I’m 5’5’’ and 100 lbs

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Ahh, this describes my sister, too. My suggestion is to go for a flowy silhouette. As suggested above, layering and higher waists will look great on you.

You can definitely pull off the dress or tunic over jeggings/leggings look as well.

I would stay away from anything drawing attention to your chest (deep cuts, v-necks, boat necks-etc).

I’ll see if I can find some images for you.

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