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Just got a weird phone call - is this a scam?

Asked by chyna (45765points) March 7th, 2011

My cell phone rang and it was an 800 number. I answered and a recording said “Your account with unintelligible has just been locked, press 1 for our security office.” I hung up. Is this a scam or should I have pressed one?

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That’s a scam. It’s an attempt to gain you phone or confidential information.

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Signs point to yes

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Scam. Good job on hanging up.

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Definitely a scam. I receive text messages with similar content occasionally, and instantly delete them.

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I was phoned by someone who said they were microsoft and they said it was because I had reported an error message. They led me through a bunch of computer chores and I ended up on a Geeksquad site. I got out and revoked permissions. Was this a scam, too? Good for you for hanging up. Sounds like they’d have used your phone number.

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But they already have my phone number, they called me. So what is their scam?

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I guess they might have asked for your bank details if you’d pressed 1…Good response there

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They random dialed your number. The “press 1” is an authorization for something, like “press 1 to accept charges”. Lots of phone scams come out of prisons. Here’s Verizon’s list of phone scams.

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@chyna Anyone could get your cell number. It’s not that difficult.

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its a random call from an ACD. I hate when they use my minutes for crap!

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I get spam calls and texts too. Most likely this was one.

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Attempted scam, no doubt about it. You were wise not to pursue the call.

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I get calls now and then with a recording saying that my credit card account is compromised and that I could be saving money on interest. They don’t ever say my name or the name of the credit card company. It sounds to me like your call was something similar. Just ignore it.

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It sounds very much like a scam. .

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