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When you ask yourself, who am I doing all of this for (life/living; perhaps, struggling), your answer is?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 7th, 2011

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Myself and those who love me, mainly my parents.

When times have been really bad, I think of how my parents would feel if I were no longer here. I think about how their lives would be ruined if I decided to not live, and decide to stick around for them.
The struggling is for me. I know my struggles will pay off and make being here happy and fulfilling.

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For the early part of my life, I was doing it all for me…now it is for my kids and the bank who I owe a lot of money to.

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for myself and for my kids. And also for my girlfriend.

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My youngest daughter isn’t quite finished with me yet. My job isn’t done until they have their own health insurance, can afford pay for their cell phone and car insurance, and they take all of their stuff out of the basement and attic.

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My customers, my wife and my cats. Whatever is left over is for me.

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I am living my life for myself, my goals are oriented to increase my level of education and professionalism. Relationships are no longer my primary focus. They will come with time.

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For this idea that there’s got to be more to life.

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My daughter.

My sons are old enough now to get by, and my husband is a great father to them. My little girl absolutely needs her mommy though. My mom has threatened suicide on many occasions. I would never do that to my children, especially my little girl.

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For my husband, for my fur/feather babies. I don’t think anyone else would care really if I wasn’t here anymore. I know it would really hurt my hubby though. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve him, but I’ll be forever grateful. There are days though, quite a lot of them recently if I’m honest, where just getting through the day is such a bloody struggle and it would be nice to just give up. That is such a selfish thought, although knowing that doesn’t make the pain or the fatigue any less. Sheesh, listen to me, I have absolutely no right to moan. As live’s go, mine has been a relatively blessed one and I’m very well aware of it. <goes off to count blessings>
hugs honeys xx

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I honestly don’t know.

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I am not my first priority. Right now my main focus is helping those who need help, and going to school to do so.
I lived in a deep depression for years until I realized that some people physically can’t get out of bed in the morning. So many people take their health for granted. I’m living for those who can’t.

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What should come first in your life? That all depends upon what you want. Do you want to reap frustration, anxiety and perhaps corruption? Or do you want to gain God’s approval and everlasting life in his new world? If this is what you want, then you must let God’s kingdom come first in your life,For a secure living for yourself and your family. (Matt 6:33)

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I didn’t think I was doing all of this for anyone.

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