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Is there a way to monitor how many people are using our wireless network?

Asked by theabk (683points) May 13th, 2007
We've left our new wireless internet unlocked, but we want to see if lots of people will be using it and if that will slow it down.
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It depends on the router you have, but you should be able to log in to your router (how you would change settings). Once inside, you can usually see who's currently logged onto your network. Check at a few key times and you should have a general sense. If you're having trouble logging in, let us know what model router you have and we can help more...
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If you log into your router (usually at, where are the first 3 groups of your IP address), you can check you "DHCP Client list" and see all the people that have logged into your network, usually in the last month or so.
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Note that is your internal IP Address, not your external one. It likely starts with 192.168. You can find your router IP under System Preferences --> Network --> Show Airport (if you're wireless) --> TCP/IP

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