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What turns you on?

Asked by cyrus (27points) April 16th, 2008
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whips and chains

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Good questions on Fluther.

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(mush) My wife.

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when a guy knows how to touch a girl in allllllllllll the right places…....hahaha = )

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being good at what you do & dirty talk!

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brests, bit of roleplaying, bit of latex, not extreme with masks etc. more like this
dirty talk, just a tad rough, moaning women.. etc etc

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oh..and a lil rough too..

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Is that you iwa?

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Correct use of spelling and punctuation. Good dancers. Loading a dishwasher for maximum efficiency. Skateboarders. Really cool tattoos. Witty banter. A very sensual kiss perfectly placed at the back of my neck. Cute guys in cheap muscle cars. Flowers “just because”. Hot girls in fishnets and attitude. A long, sext kiss goodbye. Humility. My husband’s laugh. My husband’s…...(ahem). ;)

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++ for witty banter.

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ahh, forgot the fishnets

what do you mean peedub, me the girl in the dress?

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calling me beautiful instead of just pretty, complimenting the little, seemingly insignificant things such as my fingers or a certain aspect of my outfit, a guy with killer amazing fashion sense who isn’t gay, really strong arms, soft hands, abs, dark complexions with thick, dark hair, abercrombie & fitch fierce cologne or polo safari, a guy with a tight butt n plaid shorts & a polo, a guy who can carry on an incredibley intelligent conversation with me, & last, but not least, a guy who treats me like I’m an angel from heaven. (all of the above are characteristics of my bf, btw)

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A girl who isn’t afraid to run around in her front lawn all night wearing infrared goggles.

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I like to roleplay as a misguided televangilst who is having an exestential crisis from knowingly decieving people his whole life. I’ll make my girlfriend play a reformed russian prostitute-turned cosmonaught on a mission to save the planet from a race of Amazonian lesbians that have recently awakened from secret lunar caverns.

It usually involves kitchen utensils, cardboard, and a whole lot of astronaught icecream.

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Gorillapaws… um… I think your existence gives Atheists something to tremble about.

P.S. Ex bosses’ leather couches.

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Tremble in a good way. ;)

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I’m sensing some good vibrations from your… um aura?

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It isn’t cheating if its a threesome. ;)

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Yeah, I forgot to mention the hot cable-car repair woman who is really an undercover corporate spy scheming to bankrupt the San Francisco cable car system to replace it with gondolas—who happens to be an expert with ropes and cables…

There’s also the Ebay counterfeit beanie-baby vendor who likes to bathe nude in the ocean while dreaming up erotic children’s books that she will never write but laugh to herself about at socially awkward moments.

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Takes all kinds.

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women with confidence in their body, no matter the shape. That really does it.

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