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Whats the best tenchnique to have a lucid dream like what do you do what do you think would work?

Asked by hertaru (39points) April 16th, 2008
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I like the wake induced lucid dream. Check out this site:

The WILD technique is detailed on this page:

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Please explain that question. Too garbled to make sense, I am sorry to say.

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I hear that keeping a dream log is a good way to be able to lucid dream. Just keep a note book by your bed and write down your dreams whatever you can remember in the book. At first you wont be able to remember much but as time goes your memory will get better with it and then youll be able to actually control your dreams.

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Just speaking personally, the single most important thing that helped me was to make it a habit upon awakening to remember my dreams in detail. Dreams often repeat themselves, we just don’t notice the repetition because we don’t make an effort to remember them.

After I started consciously remembering my dreams, I began to notice, while in a dream, that “I’ve done this before!”. It was a short step to “I’ve dreamed this before!” When I got to that point while dreaming, I became conscious and could take thoughtful actions in the dream.

When you first start having lucid dreams, don’t be discouraged that the act of “waking up” inside the dream often causes you to actually wake up. Be happy that you have started lucid dreaming, so that you will be creating positive reinforcement to your mind.

The more you lucid dream, the longer you will be able to go in the dream before you wake up. And, with more time in the dream, you will begin to spot the triggers that cause you to wake up. With more control, you will often be able to go back to sleep after waking and resume the same dream.

Take this with a grain of salt – I am sure it is different for everyone.

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My wife did her undergrad thesis in dreams and lucid dreaming as part of her psychology degree. She says that keeping track of your dreams and being aware of them is a very important first step. The best way to do this is to just keep a journal and be sure to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up so they’re fresh in your mind just as steelmarket says.

A technique she uses (and I have also used successfully) is to ask yourself a few times a day “Am I dreaming right now?” after a while you’ll find yourself asking this question in your dreams at which point you can attempt to do as you wish. I often break out of the dream when I realize that I am dreaming which can be disappointing but you just have to try again.

The first thing I always do is just try to launch into the air and fly – that’s one of the best things to do by far. Of course a lot of people enjoy being able to conjure up various people to have sex with – can’t argue with that either. Actually I’ve got to try combining the two. Anyway, it can take a lot of practice but it is totally worth it.

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