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I'd be perfect if I didn't...

Asked by seazen (6113points) March 8th, 2011

I’d be perfect if I wasn’t…

I’d be the cat’s meow if I hadn’t ever…

I’d be just smashing if I didn’t always…

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didn’t give up so easily.

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I’d be perfect if I wasn’t so damned imperfect.

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I am human and as such imperfect

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Jellies: I know you can do better.

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… perfection. Aha, think about it. Or not, whatever.
Oops, better try harder!

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I’d be perfect if I didn’t misunderstand what perfection is.

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I’d be perfect if I weren’t so damn near perfect.

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I’d be perfect if I reached my full potential. I think this is true for everyone.

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but…but…I am perfect!

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I’m so fucked up I’m starting to come into perfection from the opposite side. Figure that out.

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…screw off so much.

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if i didn’t accept that i will never be perfect.

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I’d be perfect if I could celebrate my flaws, forget the demons of my past and create the future I desire.

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If I told you I’d have to kill ya…so in your eyes just let’s say I’m perfect. Can a human be this perfect you wonder about anyway?

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…if I didn’t play Metallica tunes on the banjo at funerals.Bad habit,I know ;)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille If you can play a Metallica tune on a banjo you are perfect.

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worry so much. I over analyse everything which causes me great worry and sometimes panic.

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I’d be perfect if I didn’t procrastinate so much.

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@lucillelucillelucille Could you play Exit Light at mine? My kids could play back up…I would like that very much.

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Id be perfect if I didnt get so cross so easily ;)

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I’d be perfect if Mt. Everest weren’t so tall.

the100thmonkey's avatar

… if ignorance were bliss.

Soubresaut's avatar

… if I didn’t always run.

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I’d be perfect if I didn’t have diabetes and and I didn’t need glasses to read and I was 30 pounds heavier so I could be at my ideal weight. No, I’m not a narcissist…..most of the time.

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I’d be perfect if I didn’t let myself down so much. I should believe in myself more.

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I’d be perfect if I wasn’t…
So complicated….

I’d be the cat’s meow if I hadn’t ever…
Got them scars on my face….

I’d be just smashing if I didn’t always…
Say the wrong thing before thinking…….. :-/

You can be all you want to be…... ;-)

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I’d be perfect if I weren’t so humble.

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If I could just get a little more organized…

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…..if I could accept that not all people think like me, act like me and don’t have a heart as big as mine…............that I am one in a million the good kind

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@erichw1504 Me too. Took me a while to get to this thread….

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…dislike myself so much.

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…aspire to so many other things than perfection.

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I’d be perfect if I cared about that sort of thing.

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I’d be perfect first, then ask questions.

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I’d be perfect but for my overweening modesty.

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I’d be perfect if I was able to fix my countless personality and physical flaws. That being said, I am happy with my flaws.. sort of.

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I’d be perfect if I were abnormal. And weren’t imperfect. Or human. And if I stoped procrastinating, and started studying, and stopped procreating, and did my chores, and a lot of other things.

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@auntydeb Only perfect people should ask questions?

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if I was able to actually do all the things I think and dream of…

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I’d be perfect if I wasn’t so human

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@seazen – with nothing to worry about in terms of achievement (having obviously already reached the pinnacle); no sense of vanity, no procrastination; no need to consider myself in any way better than another (what would be the point?) Hm, the only pastime might then be, to take a look at the imperfect world I occupy and ask ‘how come then?’ Purely from curiosity alone… Aah, what bliss.

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stop answering this :( 44 answers already! non of you got the right answer!

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..I’d be perfect if I didn’t exist.

I’m happy being perfectly imperfect :)

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So what IS the right answer earthyearth. Is there one?

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@twothecat EXACTLY! there’s no answer :(

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Well, we tried.

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