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Would you like to pitch your idea for season 9 of Two and a Half Men?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) March 8th, 2011

If you haven’t heard already, Charlie Sheen has been officially fired from the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

If the show were to continue, it will have to undergo a huge change in it’s plot and characters and possibly its setting.

So, if you were put in charge of writing season 9 of the show for the Fall what changes would you make? How would you continue the show under its title “Two and a Half Men” or would you change the title? What would happen to the current characters? How would they deal without having Charlie in their lives? Would you hire a replacement for Charlie’s character to play the same character or a new one? What other changes would you make?

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Manny, Rose’s mannequin husband replaces Charlie Sheen.

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I don’t think they should continue the show without Charlie Sheen. They should just scrap the show, the plot, and come up with a new show/plot.

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I think a good idea would be that Charlie ends up going to rehab or something and gives Alan power of attorney to his house and everything while he’s there. Judith kicks Herb out of their house and ends up staying with Alan at Charlie’s place. This would maintain the title of Two and a Half Men.

Since Herb is practically less manly than Alan, Alan will have to step up and try to be more of the man when dealing with Herb’s issues. Jake will end up slacking off and postpone college to pursue a “career” in his own Jackass-like show on YouTube with his friend Eldridge.

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The show is toast without Charlie.
Hollywood suck in these regards. He did his job. His social life may have been overthe top, but at the end of the day, he gave them a “WINNING” show.

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A big fucking explosion that kills all of the characters.

And it all turned out to be a kid with downs syndrome’s fantasy when he shook his snow globe.

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@everyone I am asking ideas for season 9 IF the show continues. I didn’t want opinions about whether the show will continue or not.

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I don’t think there should be a season nine, it stopped being funny quite some time ago. Alan wasn’t a bad character in the first series, Mr straight laced, follow the rules guy, but what they turned him into was just offensive. He (Alan) takes being cheap and selfish to a whole new level. Jake’s all grown so there is no “half man” anymore and and as I said the past two seasons have just been pretty dire. They made an attempt at Charlie (Harper) changing, his relationship with Chelsea, getting engaged etc, but to then have him break up with her and go back to his previous single lifestyle was starting to be embarrassing to look at, he’d started to look his age. Time to draw a line under the programme I think, but I also don’t think they will because it’s still (for whatever reason) very popular, and making money so I think they’ll probubly keep churning out tripe rather than let it end :-(

EDIT @erichw1504 sorry! just seen your post. Apologies, I don’t have any ideas and I don’t think the programme makers will either. Without Charlie Sheen there just isn’t a show (or any need for it either).

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One and a Half Men.

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@erichw1504 But thats what I did! :/

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@kenmc I know, thanks. But a lot of other responses were just their opinions about the show and if they want it to continue or not.

I just want ideas for season 9 if it were to happen.

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The L Word (very few men).

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Note: I have never seen the show, so this might be totally at odds with the series’ continuity.

Season 9 opens with Alan and Jake at Charlie’s funeral. As they grieve, Charlie’s father introduces some plot element which entails him coming to live with them. Alan and Jake proceed to learn how Charlie acquired all of his old habits.

Alternatively, the character introduced is Charlie’s mother or sister.

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I’d rename it Two Men, and tell Charlie Sheen he was always considered to be the half man because of his half assed acting ability, just to piss him off that much more.

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Steve Carrell moves in as Michael Scott and turns out to be Charlie’s long lost Uncle.

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This is easy.

Charley joins a commune in Tahati where the natives consider him the fertility god.

Enter Charlies cousin played by Robert Downey Jr. Who has been given the house by Charley.

Rdh is a ladies man as well as an inventor.

I know they could work with that….

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I have yet to watch an entire episode of the show but I’ll tell you what, if they replaced Charlie with Ron Eldard as second cousin Joe I’m in for at least an episode.

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The kid is now 18 with lots of 18-year-old girlfriends. Meanwhile Alan, who’s now more desperate and lecherous, is the beneficiary of the departed Charlie’s harem. Somehow circumstances require them to take in a boy (a previously unknown son of Charlie treated as Jake’s younger cousin), beginning a new cycle of two and a half men.

At the moment it’s just a Notion, but with a bit of backing I think I could turn it into a Concept, and then an Idea.Annie Hall 1977

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After doing copious amounts of the notorious Columbian drug, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen (played by a microwave) drives to the set of the show, armed with a Katana and a flamethrower. He slaughters everyone like lambs and yells out at the top of his lungs, “I AM THE TRUE ÜBER-MENSCH!!! HAR HAR HAR”, and feasts on the intestines of his victims. Then in the middle of his feast, the clouds darken and a loud thunderous roar echoes through the set. An old man with a badass beard appears before the Sheenster. It is Nietzsche! “My son!”, the dead German philosopher cries out, “You have done well! Now lend me your cocaine covered hand….SO I MAY REIGN THE JEWEL THRONE”.
To be continued…

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@Michael_Huntington Wow… I don’t even know what to say to that.

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They should just rename the show “Winning” and show Charlie Sheen’s web show rants…Oh Wait, that’s what every other show is doing to boost ratings!

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Episode One: “Home Invasion”. The Sheen character is out of the house, but everyone else is at home. The front door bell rings, it is answered and five home-invading crooks with weapons enter. The cast is held captive and they hatch an escape plan, where the child character must come of age in a violent confrontation in which two of the crooks are killed and a their leader is savagely injured, but then all of the original cast members (except the absent Sheen character) are killed. The remaining three crooks take the most valuable items and flee. The battle destroys most of the original set and covers it in blood.

Episode Two centers around finding medical attention for the grievously maimed lead crook, without tipping of the police. They eventually manage to stabilize his injuries but half of his body must be amputated, and a mobility solution found. A last look at the original set introduces the other new main characters, the law enforcement agents who will be hounding the crook characters for the rest of the season. The audience gets to watch them interpret the bloody crime scene and make various comments.

The rest of the series features “on the lamb” antics, chases and random violence as the “two and a half crooks” try to escape pursuit and prosecution.

The season finale can be co-branded with Law & Order, or CSI, if their producers agree.

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Three Men.

I know the title doesn’t quite make sense yet, but it’s a work in progress.

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Good Lord, I hope it doesn’t continue. That show is crap. Not just bad, but offensive.

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Perhaps, @nicobanks, but it’s also currently the most successful show on television. So you could see why the network executives would want to keep it going.

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@nicobanks How is it offensive? It’s comedy.

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@erichw1504 It’s so terrible that it’s awfulness offends people.

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I am still saying Robert Downey Jr. could not only rescue it but make it better.

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@Dog and we know RDJ has some issues of his own to help make it interesting too.

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@kenmc then why is it America’s highest rated comedy? Apparently millions of people aren’t offended.

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@blueiiznh Exactly. He is a natural.

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I agree RDJ is probably perfect as a replacement, but how could CBS nab him from his lucrative and busy movie career?

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@erichw1504 I called RDJ and gave him the green light

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@erichw1504 Popularity doesn’t mean quality.

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@kenmc Your opinion doesn’t mean fact.

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@erichw1504 Nor do other people’s opinions.

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@kenmc the ratings however were the proof for the networks to air the show. Their current decisions are not taking that into account. For that, I suspect many disagree with the “Hollywood power”. I do think that Mr Sheen is on a bad downward spiral. But if you think about it, if he was to do the show as he was contracted, who in their mind would NOT want to watch it given the current drama.

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@blueiiznh Like I said, just because something’s popular, that doesn’t mean it’s good. And I’m not gunna touch on that whole mess.

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@kenmc If even on a re-run night the show hits over 10million viewers, it’s popular. The fact that the show is regularly the top sit-com proves it provides laughs. People don’t watch sit-coms that aren’t funny…those get canceled.

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@erichw1504 The intention to be humorous doesn’t excuse anyone from potential insult! If I tell a derogatory, stereotyped joke about black people, is that not offensive?

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@nicobanks I never said the show wasn’t offensive to anyone. My point is that it is the most watched sitcom on television today and you’re opinion about something doesn’t speak for everyone.

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@erichw1504 Of course my opinion doesn’t speak for everyone. It only speaks for me. That’s true of everyone’s opinions, all the time…

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I’ve lost track of who is bi-winning this thread.

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Egg saladly.

I wanted to join in on the fun.

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(So if you like my idea you will hire me to write it?) I think if they are intent on keeping the show, Robert Downey Jr. could indeed pull off any new character. How about RDJ being a relative or friend who Charlie trusts more than his own brother to be in charge of the house…RDJ having completed years of rehab and is clean as a whistle! Too clean in fact and spouts all sorts of saying and tenets of “rehab” to the point of being annoying and funny; e.g., if Alan comes home and says “Gosh, do I need a glass of wine!” RDJ looks up and says: “Need? Really?” And perhaps Alan and everybody else have to start sneaking every single thing that is not “recovery-oriented” in RDJs opinion. Upshot, they start wanting Charlie back and the REAL Charlie indeed returns to wrap up the season!

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PS I also think it’s important to just finish the season…perhaps another thread will emerge for the 10th…as there are a lot of people who work on these shows…and it’s a shame that one person’s temporary problem, despite being the star, will negatively affect so many. People generally have a desperate need to laugh…despite the off-color aspects I’m not so keen on…it is a healthy release for gazillions of viewers. Charlie Sheen seems to be an intelligent and funny man who will get back on his feet.

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I would turn it into Two and Half Women.

With Judith becoming a promiscuous single and her sister showing up one day, an anal single mom bringing her 8-year-old daughter along.

Alan falls in love with Judith’s sister and would remain a main character.

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Either Charlie dies or is sent to rehab.

The show is not strong enough to go on without him.

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If RDJ is onboard, I’m in. I’d watch him doing anything

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P. S. I love the new version.

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