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What is the most interesting journey in your life?

Asked by Strauss (20560points) March 8th, 2011

Let’s hear some stories about your travels. It seems like there are a lot of jellies who are or have been very mobile, and sometimes the journey is more interesting than the arrival. I would like your story should be essentially true, with only names changed to protect the anonymous.

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I went on a two week vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
I just took my dog,photo gear, clothes and cash.I rented a beach house and had an absolute blast.I had the best neighbors too! Three musicians,two chefs and best of all…a brewmeister!
I loved the drive down from Michigan and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Solo trips are GREAT! :))

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THe most interesting journey is the only one. Birth to grave.

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The most interesting, or at least significant journey, in my life was a hitchhiking trip in Cornwall, England in 1971. My friend and I were looking to leave a town there we didn’t like; she stood at one fork in the road and I took the one less traveled. A car with three young men in it stopped for her and I came over and got in the car. One of those three young English men is now my somewhat older husband.

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N’Yack City on my own for a week (before my friends joined me). I did whatever my little heart desired.

I met a lot of interesting people, and would travel on my own again in a heartbeat.

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The most interesting—and farthest—trip I ever took was to Beijing, China. Never have I felt so such an alien, and yet I felt welcome, too. It was a business trip, but in the week I was there, I got a chance to visit many places (including the Great Wall and Forbidden City), dine on foods I’d never heard of, meet some wonderful people, and experience a truly different culture. It was one of the truly great experiences in my life.

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It’s been an interesting journey through mental illness. I didn’t like a lot of things as I was passing through them, but looking back, they have given me a hell of a lot of stories. The kinds of things that novels are made of. Or Journals. If I believe enough people would read it, I might even write it.

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Fatherhood. By far.

The rest is just geography and details, for me.

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The one I am on now. I have been to the ocean, the mountains, foreign lands, saved lives, had children and stared death in the face many times all very interesting “journeys”. And all those life experiences were to prepare me to live each day like there is no tomorrow. Every new day is a journey better than the last. ;)

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Ten day fishing trip to Alaska or a ten day vacation in Italy.

How to compare the two?

I have not a clue.

Caught lots of salmon and drank lots of Italian wine.

Too bad they were not together.

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One time I travelled alone to New York to meet some people I’d met and become close friends online with. Everyone said it was a stupid thing to do but I had an amazing time and everyone I met was just wonderful. The reason for the gathering was that one of our number had died unexpectedly, and part of the purpose of the trip was to attend a memorial service for him. I never met the guy for real but I met his brother and his parents, and it was a very moving experience.

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We don’t fly, no need to. When we decide to take vacations, we essentially pack up the van, rool a die of cut cards or spin a spinner or the such, and whatever direction is assigned, we just drive that way. We sleep in the van, and eat something either hunted, fished, or picked. If we stop at a restaurant, rules are NO CHAINS, must be a local independent. That’s the only way to get the flavor of the region. No travel agents, nobody telling us where to go, when to go, what to do when we get there. We know where we’re going when we get there. Loved Laramie. Charleston was interesting, as being from around Chicago seeing West Virginia’s version of a big city. There, we got the see the local college band practice for the football game halftime show. Lansing Illinois had a great local museum, again at some college there. Got to see a one day old giraffe in Columbus (at the zoo, not a college). A sweet little Amish town in Ohio, and more independent professional baseball games then I could even start to remember. Best team name? Travis City Beach Bums of the Frontier League.

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I had never been to or knew anyone other than one friend who lived in Portland Oregon. I had always lived in Tennessee in a small bible belt town. I saved up and flew there with a backpack, duffle bag and 800 bucks. I stayed three years. It was like another country to me. I did so many crazy things. I learned not everyone everywhere thinks or acts the same. It really opened my eyes. Since then I have done the same thing, packing up and moving to cities where I have never been or knew basically noone. Most recently I moved to Miami and its another totally different vibe experience compared to anywhere elsle I have lived. Its all about the cuban food, dancing, latin women, beach, and awesome weather. Living in Guntersville Alabama was another different lifestyle. Basically all I did was skateboard at the local park and wear camo hats, chew tobacco, drink american beer and go out fishing in his boat on Guntersville Lake everyday.

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I went for a week to Cancun at an all inclusive resort. One of our excursions was taking a boat out to a tiny island (I forget the name right now) and go snorkeling in the middle of the ocean. Snorkeling was amazing we were right over Jason de Caires Taylor underwater sculptures. Absolutely beautiful. We saw tons of gorgeous fish and we actually saw two hammerhead sharks swimming right under us!!! I loved it, I plan on going back this August.

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I spent 16 days in China just after Americans were allowed in.
The Forbidden City, People’s Square, The Great Wall, the Li River at Guilin, the incredible terracotta warriors at Xian. The worst food I have ever eaten.
I have never seen such poverty. When people say there are no seperate classes there, they don’t know.

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