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What are the pros and cons of spending time in a steam room and/or sauna?

Asked by bob_ (21646points) March 8th, 2011

My gym has both a steam room and a sauna, but I’ve never used them. Now I’m curious: are there any benefits to them? Any cons? Should it be one or the other, or follow an order?

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I thought they were both one in the same thing! ? I love my sauna, makes my skin feel alive……. :-/
They’re great for clearing the skin…..

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They open your pores and relax you. Some people enjoy it.

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If you get as hot as you can stand then take a cold shower and do it again with the cold shower again. Then your body will completely relax and it feels great. It also helps with the acid that builds in the muscles after a workout and you are not as sore.

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Please know the risks and limitations to using a sauna. My wife’s uncle died in a sauna last week. Autopsy is not yet complete, so we don’t know the extenuating circumstances.

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Saunas are hot and dry as opposed to Steam Rooms which are obviously hot and humid.

Proponents proclaim their many health benefits.

Used will suitable care (read time limits) and proper replenishment of lost fluids with water, they can be both enjoyable and refreshing.

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They can be dangerous if you have high blood pressure or heart problems.

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