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What did your little heart desire as a child but never did get?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) March 8th, 2011

a pony?

a bike?

parents who understand?

anything…...Do you still want it?

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A more consistently loving mother.

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Yep,a pony.
I would still love one and would like one of these please.:)
I promise to take good care of it!

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A little sister…. she never made it! :-/

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A pet. I finally got one when I was in the sixth grade.

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@Scooby: Me too! I always wanted a baby sibling that I could look after. I didn’t really understand that my mom used it all up on having me. :)

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A piano. I desperately wanted to learn.

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Parents that acted like mature adults.

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A horse.
When I was about 8 I had it all figured out, how to build a stall in the backyard with a shelter and major fantasies of riding my horse to the nearby park every day to show off. lol
I was very unhappy when my ideas were scoffed at by the parents.

I rode constantly at stables, took lessons, and finally, did have my own horse when I was in my 20’s. Horseless now the last 8 years. Infact sad, a friends 27 yr. old horse died yesterday. :-(

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As a child I always wanted a cow. I had a whole plan that it could take my sisters room at our townhouse, my parents said “maybe someday”. Then we moved to a house and I honestly thought my parents were going to finally let me have a cow. Having a back yard and all, like we couldn’t fit a cow.

I have yet to have unlimited milk and cheese for the rest of my life, but maybe for my 20th birthday they’ll finally get me one ;).

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A baby sister.

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To be left alone, never be bothered.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Leonardo DiCaprio.

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an electric train set

oh how i longed for one

so did my father. we stood & watched them together in jordan marsh

that perfect tiny chug-a-chug and clickety-clack, those small adorable whoofs of steam, that idyllic little world that couldn’t hear us

but i was a girl and trains were a boy’s toy—couldn’t have that. i couldn’t even have little cars. children be thankful you no longer live under this benighted ideology.

when i was 40 my husband gave me a miniature electric train for christmas.

john65pennington's avatar

A Cushman Eagle Motor Scooter.

I gave the hints, I planted the photographs, I even asked Santa Claius…...but no motorscooter.

My parents were strict and I thank them for that today.

I am still here, safe and sound.

buster's avatar

I wanted a fourwheeler but all I got was a janky 3 horsepower gocart. Im not bitter though. It was good fun.

flutherother's avatar

A telescope

crisw's avatar

A collie like Lassie.

KateTheGreat's avatar

A life-sized Barbie doll. I wanted one so bad, but my parents never got me one.

wundayatta's avatar

A fire engine. I didn’t get it. After that I stopped bothering to want things. I spent most of the rest of my life learning to be happy with what I had. Now that I think about it, Christmas is such a horrible lesson—the commercial lesson, anyway. It can really screw people up about the nature of the world.

john65pennington's avatar

Wundayatta, why not go buy yourself one today? Its not too late to turn on the red lights and siren. All of us are still just children inside.

john65pennington's avatar

Jeruba, your husband was your Santa Clause. A little late, but better late than never….right?

Supacase's avatar

Attention. Mom bought me almost everything she could think of to make herself feel better about ignoring me. Would have been nice if she didn’t do the same with food so I wouldn’t have ended up obese by 4th grade.

janbb's avatar

@Jeruba You have your words back!! Your story reminds me that my husband always liked the very lovely Mahmod steam engine toys when he was young but his family was poor and he could never get one. I bought him the steam truck for a wedding present and we will play with it with Jake when he is older.

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An Easy Bake Oven. Every Christmas and birthday for a few years I would ask for one and never get it. My mother would say, “I’ll bake with you,” but all I would get to do is “help.” Think sprinkling sugar on cookies. She did let me bake on my own once I got old enough to do so. However, I think that this deprivation as a child is why I got my diploma in pastry arts. ;-)

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@janbb slightly more clear-headed as pain meds reach far end of cycle. hurt more, talk better. also gaining some dexterity or is it sinistrality with single-handed typing.

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@Jeruba Glad you are recovering, dearie.

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A big brother….he died shortly after birth. I would have loved to have a big brother!

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A kitten. Never got one. I did bring one home once; a neighbor was giving them away. She said, “NO! Take it back!!” but I ran upstairs and wanted to give it a bath. I turned on the faucet as hard as it would go and it LEAPED up into the air, RACED downstairs full-speed then I took it back. Eventually, I got a little turtle that died after we went away for 2 weeks. End of Pets.

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I think I’v mentioned this before somewhere actually, but for some reason I’ve always longed for an older brother…
Someone to go to for some grown up but not parental advice,,someone to give me a hug and make me feel safe,, someone who’ll come up to me and say ’ don’t worry sabz,, they didn’t mean it… ’.

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A horse. I started saving up for one when I was a kid. I aimed for 1 pound per week. (pocket money) By week two, I was blowing my savings in the corner shop.

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Singing or dance lessons. I’d still love to learn to dance.

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@Seelix aaw…that is something my kids want and I did too just be involved in xtra activities but that is not a possibility right now and makes me so sad. hope it will before they get too old to care

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When I was little I wanted a Mr. Potato Head something bad. Never got it.

I also wanted my older sister, but she died when she was a baby, so I had to “put up” with my older brother :-) He’s a great guy.

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A snare drum. I asked for one for Christmas in first grade, but I got a bongo drum set instead. I was very disappointed. A therapist attributed my “gift issues” to that incident.

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An EZ Bake oven. I wanted one SO bad and I asked for YEARS. The first year I didn’t ask, my sister got one. She didn’t even want it, by the way.

Hey, why’d you have to bring up such a sore subject, anyway? :(

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wow, Cruiser I was about to say the same. My big brother was a stillborn. I always thought of him being in heaven looking down on me. His name was Michael.

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A room of my own for peace and quiet from sibling chaos. Loved them dearly, but needed the space at times.
Oh yes and 8 in a house with one bathroom was shear madness.

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@Earthgirl I had the same thoughts many times. My Brother was William.

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@Earthgirl & @Cruiser I also wanted a brother. Mine would have been older, and only lived one day. His name is Michael

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Oh, yeah! I wanted piano lessons.

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@Supacase I too wanted for music lessons. Although my heart wanted guitar, I am very thankful for the 8 years of piano lessons.

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To keep living with my grandparents and a pony which they wanted to give me.

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An older sister. I knew it was an impossibility, but it didn’t stop me from wanting it sooooo badly.

Also, I really, really wanted Legos, but never got them, but apparently, I coveted them in secret. I spoke with my mom recently and somehow, I guess I managed to really, really want Legos and yet never ask my parents for them?

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I wanted to take dancing lessons. The town we lived in only had one dancing school and they only taught tap dance. My mother did NOT want a Shirley Temple type in the family and said no. I took as many dance classes for the P.E. requirement in college, but it was all modern dance. I finally took tap, jazz and ballet after my kids were grown. I loved the classes, but I had no particular talent. I did enjoy moving to the music as much as I thought I would.

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Friends! I’m still looking to find people who I like and who like me. Maybe when I’m older… Other than that, I got everything I wanted as a child, and more. Thanks Mom and Dad

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@Taciturnu – I feel you… I really feel you. :(

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@tedibear I know you do… It’s an accomplishment to graduate in Pastry Arts, though! Take that EZ Bake!

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I wanted one of those Power Wheels vehicles. They were so cool, and no one I knew had one. We all just wanted someone to get one so we could all share it.

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