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What would you wish for if you had 3 wishes?

Asked by BLITsZ (232points) March 8th, 2011

Please be truthful, funny, and to the point.

PS: If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for unlimited money, All of the automobiles in the world, and a huge house in New York. What would you wish for?

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If I really told the truth, on Fluther, the consequences would be detrimental to my soul.

Bet that leaves you wondering.

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World peace. :-)

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Thats not really truthful, nor funny!!

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And that’s only one wish, the question says 3.

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Ok, I’ll be honest:
1. No kill shelters for all animals.
2. No one would ever abuse any animals ever again.
3. No one would ever abuse any child ever again.

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Larry,Curly and Moe.

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Okay, Blitz, here is truthful answer(not associated with the above):

1. World Peace. Earth needs a time of quietness. A calming period.

2. Good health to every human on earth.

3. Plent of food to feed all the starving children on every continent.

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Now that’s more like it, great answer-1

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Right now, I’d wish to know how to get the secret awards.
Then I’d wish for everyone to be happy and healthy.
Then I’d wish for some cake to put in the frizzer.

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My fiancee and I to have the health and physique of unsullied teenagers.

My fiancee and I to live healthily to 200 years old in bodies the max aging out at 50 years old and option 10 year renewals after 200.

The means for my family and I to safely travel the world all of our days.

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unlimited money
loving homes for every homeless animal
world peace

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@Seelix I just baked a cake if you’d like to borrow it for your frizzer.

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Cake in the freezer? KInd of an odd request.

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Perfect health for my loved ones…5 weeks vacation and I would give the one left wish away.

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cake from the frizzer
a spring to end this god blessed winter
world peace

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I’d just wish for more wishes. That’d be the smart choice :)

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Whenever I think about this question, I come up against the fact that ___I simply do not know enough to assess the consequences of a wish___. If this does not make sense to you, think about it. Should I ask for unlimited wealth, how would I explain its sudden appearance in my life? I might have to use up the other two wishes just to secure it. And then what would I spend it on? big houses? cars? I already have a house and I don’t drive. World peace? what does that phrase mean? a dead world is perfectly peaceful. Not that peace equals death, but simply asking for world peace is not enough. Consider the causes of war and crime. One could wish them away, but that might condemn all of mankind to “brutish beastliness” if you will excuse the expression. And so on. That is what ___Catch 22___ was trying to explain: there is no freebie, everything has a cost.

@KatetheGreat – in other words, unlimited power without responsibility. What an idea.

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@bea2345 Not necessarily. I said “more wishes” not “unlimited”.
There are simply a lot of things that I wish I could change. World peace, my mother’s financial situation, to be thinner, to be less stressed, to cure cancer completely, and so many more. Just enough wishes to make things better.

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I would wish that my children could live a full life of happiness &joy.
I would wish that Greed no longer existed.
And I would wish for there to really be a heaven after death.

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Peace, unity, lurrrrve & having fun! Let’s move on, coz it’s time to groove on, hear the drummer get wicked! XD

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Can you honestly say that with only three wishes you would not have a single selfish wish? Come on people, stop bullshitting.

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At very basic, selfish levels here are what I would wish for…. I think that these would make my life easier without having devestational effects on the greater world, and if they make my life easier and therefore make me happier, then they would have an ongoing positive effect on those around me… so:

1 – for my car to not have troubles requiring sudden lumps of cash to fix (I need my car as I live in a rural area and have to transport a large instrument for my work)
2 – for my teaching workload to increase from 1 day to, say, 3 days (this would allow me to not have to work doing anything else, and as I love teaching, would make me a very happy bunny indeed)
3 – for me to accept and love myself as I am, so that I do not feel the need to seek that reassurance from others

On a larger, selfish level, here is I would wish for… but I fear these would potentially have further-reaching consequences that I would not like to be responsible for…

1 – for free movement between the countries of America and England (as there is between all the countries in the European Union)
2 – for my Dad’s health to return and him to remain alive for many years to come (he’s 84)
3 – for happiness

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For me and others in pain: To be free of physical pain, yet still be alive.
For my children and all children: A healthy and happy life.
For the world: Peace

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Yeah obvs I’d wish for more wishes, but if that doesn’t work:
1. I’d wish that my parents grow to be old and healthy, and my dad doesn’t get the Alzheimer’s that he’s in line for.
2. I’d wish that my brother would succeed in the challenging field he’s trying to enter.
3. I’d wish that I could have a cat that I could bring anywhere with me :)

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I would wish that my wife not be sick anymore. A thousand wishes would come true after that without asking.

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1. An end to poverty, thereby stabilising the world population and reducing the strain of humans on the environment.
2. An end to the political power exercised by religions, and every other form of political corruption.
3. Enough money to live comfortably, but not so much that I could buy my dreams. I need something to work towards.

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