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Good Web Design Software?

Asked by ipodrulz (81points) April 16th, 2008

Hey my friend and I “designs” websites. But we often have a third wheel to code websites. Together we made one site ( but we feel like we should be doing our own coding, and I’m not really sure what to use. Dreamweaver seems to have a n00b stigma attached to it. I’m willing to learn coding, but if we code what software do you recommend? (On a mac). Also I’m very into the fancy (not tacky) effects. (lightbox etc.)

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TextMate and CSSEdit are what I use.

edit :: and I use Cyberduck for FTP.

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All you really need is a text editor and FTP client to start. I use SubEthaEdit for my text editor and Transmit for my FTP client. Panic, the makers of Transmit, also created an all-in-one product call Coda that is wonderful. It has the built in FTP client (Transmit) plus they licensed the SubEthaEngine to create a collaborative editor. I’m going to switch at some point.

BBEdit and TextMate are other popular editors. Fetch is the only other well-regarded FTP client for Mac that I am aware of.

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Dreamweaver, TextMate, and Cyberduck.

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I use Coda, Transmit, and CSSEdit

To learn how to do basic coding / markup, I always direct people here

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Mainly macvim

I’d recommend you learn the basics of vim even if you don’t use it as a primary editor. It can be found on nearly every linux webserver.

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I use Dreamweaver and Eclipse. I’m not too sure why Dreamweaver does have a “noob” stigma attached to it (I’ve heard it before), but in code view it is quite powerful and can do so many things. Plus with a built-in FTP, it makes remote development a breeze.

If you are more of a visual learner, try Dreamweaver out and make a few things in the design view and see how it translates to the code view (there’s a split view that allows you to see both).

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I wasn’t aware that Dreamweaver had a noob stigma. Most editors are WYSIWYG and also allow code view. If you know how to code, it doesn’t matter what you use, the most powerful tool is a good brain.

Download sites that interest you as well, and look at the coding.

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@adrianscott- Thanks for those comments. I am a graphic minded guy by nature who understands the logic behind programing. I can also usually change simpler programming once it has been done. Your comments helped me decide which one to learn. That and it came with my adobe suite purchase so I would be a dope not to.

An aside, cyber duck is a good stable and free ftp program.

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Best of all: TextMate for xhtml and php coding.
CSSedit for editing stylesheets.
Transmit for FTP client.
Photoshop for graphics but if you don’t own 39843948$ go with Pixelmator which is very good.

Then you got it all. that’s the way to go on a mac.

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Thank you all. I’m trying out CSSedit and Coda at the moment. As for FTP, I’ve decided to try out a new one called Flow.

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Well, I’m headed to Miami next month to get my Adobe Certified Expert Certification. Maybe they can change it to Adobe Certified Noob. :-)

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@ glial That is one hard certificate. I aspire to even try some day.

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Ya, I am looking forward to it though. Doing a 8 day bootcamp.

The real motivation is a 6% raise for completing it. Plus, I am teaching Dreamweaver this summer, so it looks nice for our Continuing Education department.

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Very cool. Good luck to you!

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There is never a single solution for all programming tasks. If it is a website that simply provides content dreamweaver is probably good enough.

If you want to make a web application I like the google web toolkit.

I have been using it for about 6 months now and it is working out nicely.

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Web coders, like all programmers, tend into the us/them mentality. The idea that anything with GUI is bad is just stupid.

I started out by using FrontPage (!), GoLive CyberStudio (when it was called CyberStudio…) and a host of others. I highly recommend Dreamweaver, Coda, Simple CSS and the newly opened sourced Komodo

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Hey…is Aptana used to make web applications? Cause it looks pretty cool.

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@ipodrulz.abs you can do that, aptana is an open source prj, and its also the best app for JAVASCRIPT! or install any available plug-ins to extend its function!

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Coda, Textmate, Transmit (MAC)

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The problem with Dreamweaver is that it is very easy to outgrow it, especially on the programming side (PHP, ASP, whatever). However, it is still the cleanest roundtrip (WSYIWYG->code->WSYIWYG) editor I’ve seen.

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Smultron is what I use, and it’s a very easy-to-use free program with many tools built into it.

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@glial Congratulations!

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