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Lady Gaga's latest song - a ripoff?

Asked by seazen (6113points) March 8th, 2011

Isn’t Born this way just an Express Yourself ripoff? I swear I thought she had sampled it.


Audio only for easy loading.You’re welcome.


PS: Gaga sings it in F# – you have to imagine Madonna’s in the same key and sped up.

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Simmilar, it probaly had some inspiration

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Yes. I happen to think many of her songs are extremely similar to Madonna songs. alejandro comes to mind right away, too

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Welll, considering the fact that Lady Gaga in herself is nothing more than a ripoff of Madonna, it wouldnt surprise me.

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Anyone named Lady gagagagaga has to learn from Mother Madonna.

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well, even if it was.. i think lady gaga’s sounds better.. no offense.

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@Carly None taken.

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Lack of creativity in radio friendly pop music?!
Gee, what are the odds?~

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If not a rip off, very similar. I honestly thought it was Madonna when I first heard it.

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@fdafd Welcome to fluther. Thanks for your answer.

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It’s not a rip off, it is derivative and an artistic homage….

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While on this subject I am reminded of this story:

True story; KD Lang’s lawyer told her that Constant Craving, when it was just released and he heard it for the first time (I guess), sounded an awful lot like the Stone’s Anybody Seen my Baby – the chorus that is. She agreed and said, I quote, shit!

Her people contacted their people, and Mick Jagger said, I’m paraphrasing here: no worries, mate. We’re flattered.

She promptly recalled the cd’s and added a thank you to Mick. No royalties or fees were paid out.

Jellies: Can someone please remind me how to “send” someone to a specific place on a video link, i.e., not just to the clip – but to a place in the song/video – say, one minute in.

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KD is one classy lady.

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I’m finding that not just Gaga, but all of the modern-day pop icons are ripping left and riht from the divas of the past, especially Madonna.

To answer your question, if “Born this way” isn’t a ripoff of “Express yourself”, It certainly rang my Madonna bells.

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Wow, good call. That’s almost too similar to be a coincidence.

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I opened both videos and started listening to the Lady Gaga one first. Then I thought, “Why the hell am I listening to Lady Gaga?” And then I closed both windows.

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I really did think this was a rip off. She’s trying to be the next Madonna, but far more sick and weird.

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Lady Gaga’s songs are all very derivative. Of course that’s what makes them popular.

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@kevbo Well done my friend.

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Yeah, she is getting sued for it. Just like Britney Spears is for her new song ‘Hold it against me’. Im not sure what song its ripped off but I know I did read it somewhere

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Do we really think that in more than two decades, some music is not going to sound alike? It happens in all mediums, art, television, movies. I could name several songs that sound like songs from decades ago. The problem is, Lady Gaga is open to more criticism because she is so well known.

How about Lady Antebellum’s song “Need you now?” sounds like Alan Parsons Project’s “Eye in the Sky”. link this is a less popular debate because really, who remembers APP?

I think we would all be naive to believe history doesn’t repeat itself in entertainment. This is just a very specific example. And like the KD Lang story above, maybe Madonna should be flattered because it is bringing attention to her song that may have been a little more buried otherwise.

don’t get me wrong, I like them both – just playing Devil’s Advocate

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@iLove Flattery works best when it includes royalties.

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It’s more of an F# mixolydian (relative to the key of B) but that’s nitpicking.
Definitely disappointing. The whole tune is basically “express yourself”...i may be a little biassed because i can’t stand lady gaga and am a fan of madonna. I just think that lady gaga should be more original; her arrangement is too similar (melodywise).

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It’s impossible to deny that they are very similar, but then again, everything is a remix.

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I like her last song. It’s really cool. Can’t be better.

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