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Let's start the luau! Another jelly has migrated to the mansion. Who is it now?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33923points) March 8th, 2011

SpatzieLover! That’s who!


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OMG I’m first – how ironic. Nonetheless: A hearty congratulations to a favourite Jelly.

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All right. Someone help me get da pig outta da imu. We gonna have pleny da peeps who gonna wanna eat.

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Congrats. Well deserved.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I’m so happy for you. While you were away, I missed you. I am so glad your back. I love reading your posts, and the wisdom you bring.

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Congratulations! We’re so glad you’re back. :D

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Congrats and wb!

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Congrats! :)

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Many congratulations! May the lurve flow all night.

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Congratulations! I’ve been enjoying your input here.

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10,000 congratulations and counting. You ask some great questions!

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It’s been nice to have you back in the ‘hood.

Mazel Tov @SpatzieLover!

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Yay! Congratulations!

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Way to go! Congrats on 10k! :D

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Congratulations! :)

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Great job! Congratulations!

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Wonderful! Congo rats to another fabuloso contributer!

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Hooray! Congratulations on making the big 10K milestone! :D

And every time I see your handle, @SpatzieLover, I think of this, so long may you stay here!

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Congratumalationism @SpatzieLover!!!

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Congratulations! Great work!

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Congratulations SpatzielLover! I really enjoy your responses and you’re one of the few Jellies who is always nice. I’m glad you stayed so long!

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Cool, congratulations.

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Congratulations, @SpatzieLover! You are a great addition to the mansion.

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Congrats, @SpatzieLover! Always room in the mansion for for one… and one more… and one more… and…

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Congrats on the 10K little bird!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love your contributions here!

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Congratulations! It’s a 10K frenzy around here!

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Congratulations :-) Race you to 20k ;-P

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Congrats on the 10 grand!

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Congrats on a great achievement! Well done! :)

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That’s how it’s done

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@hawaii_jake Thank you for hosting the party as a luau Goodness knows after a 2.5” snow fall overnight & sloppy slush here in Wis, I could use a good luau

@seazen I appreciate that you were the first here. You make me smile regularly!

@breedmitch You gave me two Fluther gifts last night. I will remember that always and smile when I see you on threads

@YARNLADY I have waited a loooooooooooooooong time to get my first 10K. I looked forward to your congrats just as I look forward to reading your posts

@shego I appreciate the kind words I missed you too.

@everephebe You joined while I was away busy IRL. It’s nice getting to know you here in Fluther. I lurve your links…especially the one that has my RL first name in it ;)

@augustlan We have known each other on the Net for a long time now I look forward to knowing you for years to come

@rooeytoo Thank you! I now have a sudden urge to hug a koala =)

@stardust Thanks for bringing drinks to the party Every time I see your avatar, I think fun

@lightlyseared I’ve been back to your question a couple of times to see if any hints were dropped I didn’t find any, but did finally get myself some cake

@Faiblesse Thank you & Welcome to the collection

@cprevite I’m glad to join a club with you in it :0) I hope to throw you 20K party very soon

@JilltheTooth Thanks. Same to you!

@flutherother xiexie ’谢谢’

@partyparty Party Bubbles? How thoughtful of you!

@janbb First of all, I have always loved that studious penguin. Second, and more importantly, thanks for sharing that cake. Whoo-hoo! We found it!

@syz I seriously look forward to your new cat avatars and your animal answers. You’re a gem!

@Seelix A Canadian that quotes Dahl, hey! I resemble that ‘cept I’m in the land of cheese

@lucillelucillelucille thankyou!thankyou!thankyou! I missed your 20k, but hope to make it to the 30k

@wilma Always willing to share in your cheer and you’re always sharing it

@filmfann I always wanted to get Congo Rats…Thank U! You are always flimflm in my head ;D

@aprilsimnel And every time I see you, I think “She’s from Milwaukee” =D Would you like to stop at a bubbler before heading out to Suburpia?

@psychocandy Peace to you can’t wait to say “Hey” to you at your 30K

@shiva You look so familiar all of you reincarnates confuse the heck out of my easily confused brain ;0)

@Jude Thank you kind one Sending you some sunshine

@sakura I ApPreCiaTe iT!

@erichw1504 Exactly.

@Bluefreedom I love it when you flash your bird onto a thread

@KatawaGrey I always look forward to your replies, too You and your mom are terrific ladies!

@Simone_De_Beauvoir When I first came to Fluther, you were the most unique person I met I have learned many new perspectives from your replies

@marinelife I missed your 40k =( Congrats to you! Did Andrew & Ben give you your own mansion?

@Austinlad Howdy! Thanks

@worriedguy Thanks for the little bird I’ve just brushed my teeth and smell like Dial soap

@tedibear It sure is a much better place than Askville, isn’t it? We’ve been reading each others words for about 5–6yrs now…does that seem possible?

@SavoirFaire I always look forward to your questions and your insight

@tranquilsea I just found out today that you are a homeschooling mom, too I’ll throw you a 10K party first though…then may the best momma win, okay? BTW I have always wanted to live inside of Larson’s head for a day to witness his amusing perspective

@Cruiser We have just learned that we share a special knowledge & insight May we share much of what we learn about our own children with many here in Fluther

@jca I look forward to your feline contributions to the collection wanna join the race for 20K? ;0)

@RareDenver Thanks for coming to the party You are one of a kind


@All Pass the Pancakes

I’ll go thaw that cake I’ve got in the frizzer and be back to share it with you soon!

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I must REALLY be having an off day; I didn’t think to check for your party after I PM’d you with a grats! Perhaps I need to go to bed really early, HA!

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Congrats! It’s about time! Party time!

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Congratulations! Sorry (it seems like I am ALWAYS late for these shindigs). Best wishes to finding your way around the mansion (fire exits are NOT marked).

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OMG! And I was just talking to you as if you were a “regular” person!! Brushes with celebrity, gotta love it. Congratulations and enjoy the view :)

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\o/ \o/\o/ Cheers! Congratulations!

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@SpatzieLover: I hope you really know how sincere I am when I tell you how much I respect your advice and input. You have really gone above and beyond helping me with an issue and am so grateful to have you as a friend.

Congratulations and well deserved, my friend!

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@SavoirFaire I’ve been away for a bit, which made my 10K take a bit longer to achieve. I didn’t want to leave anyone out because I lurve you all so much

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Sorry to be late but Fluther has been so laggy lately I’ve just found other things to do.

But I’ve really enjoyed your contributions to the site. Happy 10K to you.

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Congrats @SpatzieLover, it’s great seeing your answers around the site! :D

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OMG!!!! I can’t believe I missed this!

Welcome to the mansion!!!

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