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Have you used Zoho mail or RackSpace hosted mail for business? What is your opinion of both or either?

Asked by crisedwards (329points) March 9th, 2011

A company I am consulting with needs a hosted email solution as an alternative to an old Exchange Server setup and like the pricing and features of Zoho Mail and RackSpace email. But I want to know of some first-hand accounts of either (or even alternatives to these. And yes we have also considered Google Apps for Business).

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I have supported email for years. There ae a ton of Exchange Hosting companies out there now.
Why are you looking to outsource it? So many questions have to be asked when figuring this one out.
How many users?
Mailbox quota size?
Do you need to vault the email?
What kind of access do they need?
Do you need to integrate presence with an IM client?
TLS transactions required?
Mobile devices involved?
Is the company ok legally with email being hosted outside?
What kind of SLA is needed for the users?
Generally, the biggest concern with hosted email is the support concerns.
Hit me up in PM for any specific questions or recommended organizations.

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I like RackSpace hosted exchange the price is right and the support is great! You also get a little bit of space for a hosted share point portal.

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