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Anyone know any really good music torrent sites?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) March 9th, 2011

Hi my name is uberbatman and I am an audiophile.

For a while I had an account to in my opinion one of the greatest music torrent sites on the internet. Seriously everything was there. The day it came out it was up and there were so many live shows on that site too. It was an amazing way to experience a lot of new music I would otherwise have not been exposed to. like most torrent sites require a certain ratio, theirs is very low but since so many people seed its almost impossible to get ratio. everything downloaded in less than 30 seconds, it was great Long story short my comp crashed and resulted in my seed dropping and thus my ratio dropping. I am on probation from until I can get my ratio up. Which I may add is very hard to do when everything is already on there.

Anyway, I am going through massive music withdrawal. I really dont know any good music torrent sites because for so long I used and it met every need so well I never looked any others up. I mean isohunt, tpb, and demonoid are ok but, still there is a lot you cant find on those sites.

So I turn to you fluther, where do I go now to fulfill my insatiable urge for new music and an expansive amount of music torrents?

PS This question is not to discuss the morality of downloading music. Id be happy to discuss it with you elsewhere, but ask a question instead of derailing my question kthx :)

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Be Happy ! As I have found a good link from Google Search that mentions great music torrent sites, so visit Music Torrent Sites

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Unfortunately none of those sites seemed to be what Im really looking for. Id hate to think thats all thats really out there. I searched each for Noisia. While not a famous group, they are pretty famous in their own genre of electronica. None of the sites returned any results even the one thats supposed to cater to electronic only had 1. on the other hand has 129 torrents that are either their cd’s, live shows, or mixes they’ve been featured on.

Is it unrealistic for me to wish for another site even relatively like this?

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I’ve always used ScrapeTorrent. It searches a lot of sites and compiles the results on one page. They’re sorted from top to bottom by those with the most seeds to those with the least. Sometimes it’s hard to find more obscure stuff, but for the most part it has worked pretty well.

Edit: On second thought, knowing you and the music you search for (props for your awesome taste in music), ScrapeTorrent might not be of much help to you.

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@Allie thanks. That looks pretty good certainly got a lot more results in as far as my experiment with noisia went :P

Though some issues with searching things if your dont use advanced search like I searched spor and instead got a ton of porn such as “Big.Tits.In.Sports.6.XXX.DVDRip.XviD-Jiggly” lol.
And I can see how its limited as far as obscure goes.

Only other problem im really facing is you need to know exactly what your searching for before you do such. Not a good way to find new music. Like and most other torrent sites have a top torrents of the day or whatever thing. This site has no such feature and makes sense since it just scrapes every other site.

im awfully difficult arent I ? :P

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Okay ! Then here are Top 40 Torrent Download Sites of 2011
You will have to spend little time more to figure out which site among these will give you the right result, and kindly share if you find any site quite handy, thanks.

As I have found the result after putting your mentioned group name

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I don’t use torrents for music, but I would recommend Search them all

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thanks, ill look into it.

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It’s the best EVER.

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@Truth_and_Freedom and @KatetheGreat as I said in the details section I use both of those sites already, theyre ok but do not fulfill my needs in the slightest in regards to music.

“I mean isohunt, tpb, and demonoid are ok but, still there is a lot you cant find on those sites.”

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