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Is someone asked for help with eating better, what questions would you ask them?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) March 9th, 2011

Is someone asked for help with eating better, what questions would you ask them before you gave advice? I’m thinking motivation, or current habits, or lifestyle stuff. What else?

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If you haven’t kept a food diary, will you for a week? Then I can work with your habits and choices.

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What is their current menu? What grocery store(s) do they shop at? When do they eat? How many times per day?

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How willing are they to try new foods? Why do you want to eat better? What is their schedule like?

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How long after you wake up do you eat? How often a day are you eating? And how much are you eating at those times?

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Great stuff!

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I’d ask if they have any known food allergies or suspected allergies. If they have any religious or personal dietary restrictions. If there are any known medical conditions that should be taken into account.

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“What are you asking me for? I live on pizza and sandwiches.”

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Do you have small plates?
Can you have more meals per day? And consume fewer calories?
Do you care to invest in your health future by eating quality food?
What do you like to snack on?
How many ingredients go into the products you are consuming? More is not the merrier.
Do you know that your body can’t easily differentiate between thirst and hunger?
Which do you die from first, hunger or thirst?

Have you seen this?

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What do you eat on a typical day?
How often do you eat and at what times?
Do you eat regular meals or is your eating random?
Do you eat when you are bored or depressed?
Are you trying to lose weight?
In your opinion, what foods do you eat to get adequate nutrition (vitamins, fiber, protein)?
Are you a binge eater?
What situations give you the urge to eat junk food?
Do you regularly eat dessert? If so, what is dessert for you?
Do you have any food allergies?
What foods do you love?
What foods do you hate?
Are you willing to try foods that you think you might not like, if you know they are nutritinal powerhouses?
Do you know how to cook?
Do you like to cook?
Are you willing to learn how to cook or to learn new (and healthier) ways of preparing food?
Are you stuck in a rut, eating the same few food items over and over?
How often do you eat vegetables (and which vegetables are they)?
What kind of fiber do you get in your diet on a daily basis?
How much meat (and what kind, and what type of preparation) do you eat regularly?
Are you aware that most people (at least in the U.S.) eat way too much fat, salt, sugar, meat and protein than they should, and most do not get enough nutrient dense foods, and fiber?
Are you aware that eating too much of certain foods can pre-dispose you to certain illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer?
Do you know that by eating certain foods, and limiting others, you can help to ward off certain diseases?
Did you know that most processed foods contain extremely high levels of sodium (which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease) and are full of chemicals, rather than whole food products?
Did you know that most restaurant meals are extremely high in sodium and fat?
Do you know how to read and interpret the nutrition labels on food packages?
Are you aware that many “juice drinks and juice cocktails” are not 100% juice? Many of these drinks contain sugar or chemical sugar substitutes, are you aware of that?
Do you drink soda? Are you aware that the phosphorus in soda leeches calcium from your bones? Are you aware that drinking sugar free soda, makes you crave more sweet food?
Do you drink milk or other calcium/vitamin d fortified drinks (soy, almond, hemp, rice milks)?
Do you know which foods are considered nutrient dense? Do you eat these foods on a regular (weekly) basis?
Do you know which foods have viturally no nutritional value or are full of chemicals and too much fat and too much sugar and too much sodium? Do you eat these foods on a regular (weekly) basis?
Are you willing to keep a food diary for an entire month (with everything you eat or drink at every meal, including snacks) so that we can determine what you actually eat and try to make some positive changes in your diet?
How much, and what type of exercise do you get?
Are you aware that changing your diet alone, is not adequate to lose weight, you need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and to keep your heart healthy.
Are you willing to learn about proper nutrition and make life-style changes based upon what you learn?

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“How much effort are you willing to put in?”

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If you have to ask, you likely know what you eat that you shouldn’t be and not eating what you should. Wanna start there?

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Can I cook for you more often? I promise it will taste good and be filling and nutritious

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People need to learn to eat whole foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. Lean chicken and red meat in moderation. People need to understand that Complex Carbohydrates and saturated fat in excess are harmful. Foods rich in Omega three promote good Cholesterol. People should eat nuts, wild fish,shrimp and lobster.
I personally do not eat any red meat. Only organic red meat is safe. Only minimaly processed chicken or organic is safe.
For more information read ultra Metabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman.

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@philosopher unless they’re allergic to shellfish and nuts

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I’d want to know what they mean by “eating better”. Also, what do they expect to change or improve? What do they alrady know or believe about nutrition and food?

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