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Why does FireFox always freeze when I try to record a voice clip or enter a webcam site?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 9th, 2011

I’m on a Mac, and so I was trying to record a voice clip on, and it always asks me for permission, which is fine, but when I try to click “yes” or “no”, it never actually lets me click them. I always use Firefox, but the thing is, the thing works on Chrome when I try to do whatever it was on there.

I don’t like using Chrome, so… what’s up? I downloaded the most recent Adobe, also.

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it may be because your computer is backed up and the activity percentage is high. press alt+ctrl+del. This will give you a menu which you can select “task manager” from, you can stop programs that are running on the backgroud of the computer such as msn, or iTunes, etc… this will lower the amount the computer is working and leave more room for it to focus on the recording :)

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