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In your opinion, what do you think is the most offensive South Park episode?

Asked by jballzz (674points) March 9th, 2011

I personally love South Park, and praise Matt Stone and Trey Parker for not being afraid for standing up for what they believe. I know that this show has had a lot of controversies and gotten tons of criticism from parents, Catholics, Muslims, Scientologists, celebrities and others. There’s only been three episodes ever pulled off the air. The first one was the one making fun of Scientology, and it was pulled off because Tom Cruise threatened not to be in Mission Impossible III if it wasn’t. Isaac Hayes, the guy who plays Chef, also quit because of this episode, but has returned. The other two episodes were “200” and “201”, which both depicted uncensored images of Muhammad. What I don’t get is why these were pulled, but the episode “Super Best Friends”, which had Muhammad uncensored but in a good way, recieved no controversy whatsoever. So if you watch South Park, what episodes do you consider to be most offensive?

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lol….all of them… that’s why I watch it

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@jballzz, I have a hunch that the Super Best Friends episode wasn’t pulled because that was before the Danish cartoon clusterfuck and the public at large was unaware that depicting Mohammed is bad ju ju.

Personally, I can’t really judge which episode is most offensive because it’s practically impossible to offend me in that way. I guess the one where the Virgin Mary shoots sacred blood out of her ass but it turns out to be her period would be my pick, if I had to choose. And that’s only because I was still a Half-olic when I first saw it.

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@jballzz says __Isaac Hayes, the guy who plays Chef, also quit because of this episode, but has returned.__

Isaac Hayes did quit because of the Scientology episode, but has not returned for various reasons, one of which is he is dead.

South Park is very offensive, and I enjoy it very much (obviously). The most offensive episode might have been when Britanny Spears blew off her head, or when Cartman began his own Final Solution.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Actually now that you mention that I do remember hearing something about that so you may be right. And yeah, the Virgin Mary one recieved a lot of criticism from Catholics. @filmfann Wow, I feel stupid lol. “The Return of Chef” episode makes plenty of sense now, seeing as they used lines from previous episodes and had him killed lol. My bad. And I agree with you on Cartmans final solution, hilarious episode haha.

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I have never really been offended from watching the show. But one episode really made me wonder if I was offended. It was a Christmas episode with the coming of the anti- Christ and the blood orgies. And if I remember correctly, the mountain lion(?) had to give one of the boys an abortion.
It was one crazy episode.

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I found them all offensive, what can I say, guess I’m getting old, but, I see no humor in talking turds whatesoever. :-?

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@Coloma, I always recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t see or enjoy the humor in South Park, or what have you.

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btw: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on The Daily Show tonight promoting their new broadway musical: The Book Of Mormon!

I wonder how they bought the rights

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I really love the World of Warcraft one, 300 lesbain one, the internet crisis one, and the spoof of Cloverfield which had Hamster as the Monster. but offensive are none because you have to keep in mind, this is expession their opionion, but it may be in a extremly manner.

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