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Might Ebay/Amazon ever face competition?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 9th, 2011

Do you think its likely Ebay/Amazon will ever face competition? They hold the monopoly now, but what could another site bring that might shake e-commerce, as defined by these two giants?

There are a lot of other auction sites, but none become as popular as ebay. Likewise with Amazon. Why do you think so?

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Wang used to have a monopoly on small business computers/word processing systems. Where are they now?

There is always someone trying to knock off the top dog. Every once in a while, one succeeds.

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They have competition now. None as large, but a lot of competition. From bricks and mortar retailers to corporate online sites to purely Internet plays such as

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Unless another site is as well organized or gains as many customer ratings, I don’t see how Amazon or eBay will be topped in the next two years.

Now, if a large company like Wal-Mart cleaned up their website and added products/services, they’d have the funding to shake the hold Amazon has.

No one beats Amazon’s shipping deal…NOBODY even comes close. For $80 per year, my husband and I (and anyone else in our family/friends circle) has free two-day shipping. I no longer wrap gifts…with that deal, I go to Amazon and send everything directly to my recipients houses.

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@SpatzieLover whoa, thats a pretty good deal alright. I definitely agree with the Walmart quote.

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