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How to calculate how paying extra principle on a loan changes payoff date?

Asked by Supacase (14563points) March 9th, 2011

This is about my car loan. I know that a portion of each payment goes toward interest and the remainder goes toward the principle.

I want to pay an additional $200 per month, but how do I figure out how much that will decrease the length of the loan? Do I just knock an additional $200 off the principle month by month until I figure it out (this sounds tedious, is there a program online that will help? Similar to an amortization schedule.) or do I need to somehow account for interest as well?

Me + math & finances = confusion

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link for a loan calculator. You can add extra payments in the second section.

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Be sure to consider the type of loan you have. Car loans which include the “Rule of 78” charge a set amount of interest regardless of when you pay them off.

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@YARNLADY I guess I have been lucky with my car loans and never had that. Thank you for the info.

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The calculator link that @optimisticpessimist gave you is the best one I’ve found too and very easy to use

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(Psst. You mean “principal.”.)

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Thanks, GC. I knew that. Ugh. I kept telling myself school = princi“pal” but my brain dinged every time I wrote principle… I should have payed attention to it!

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@optimisticpessimist Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.

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