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What is the cheapest way to ship my belongings (within the US)?

Asked by Carly (4550points) March 9th, 2011

UPS, USPS, FedEx, or something else? I’m shipping two regular boxes and one bicycle box from CA to IL.

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Call and compare prices with all three. FedEx and UPS seem to have many trucks on the interstate for this purpose. Thier prices will probably be just about equal.

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Cheapest way will most likely be USPS. If you give the box dimensions I could give you a better idea. All three have rate calculators on their site, though none of the calculators are perfect they should give you a ballpark.

I ship daily for my ebay biz…USPS is generally cheapest unless for the regular sized boxes…the bike box may have to go FedEx ground to get their cheapest.

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@SpatzieLover which matters more for pricing, weight or size?

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Don’t ship UPS freight. It took them 6 weeks to ship my bed 300 miles from the factory to my house.

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Usually size.

UPS & FedEx will tack on fees for size (say a box overall measures more than 300” but weighs 50lbs…they’ll charge you for 80lbs).

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I’d go USPS.
My sister shipped all of her things when she moved from Virginia to California and it ended up costing us $328 for like about 12 boxes that weighed A LOT. They were stuffed with her clothes, books, photo albums, etc. And that was with insurance and delivery confirmation. And it only took a couple weeks.

Your bike box will cost the most but I’ve always been appalled by UPS/Fedex prices for the most part. If I’m shipping something and I can do it through the post office, I will.

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Oh, I’m dumb. I should mention. I just shipped something to drasticdreamer – Virginia to Oregon. Three days, mailed on Monday, should arrive later today (Thursday).

Just sayin’.

I fucking love the USPS.

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You could also try calling Greyhound. Sometimes they can beat USPS shipping fees by more than half.

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Greyhound freight used to be cheaper than your stated options. I heard someone recently say they didn’t think it was still true.

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You might want to check and see how pricing compares for shipping things by Greyhound

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Look into rail, which can be cheaper than truck.

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Size does matter here. As does the when do you want it there question.
shop around

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Depends how big of boxes you need. If it’s more smaller, heavy items, the flat rate boxes from USPS are a pretty good idea.

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