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Do you sometimes have trouble deleting questions?

Asked by filmfann (48492points) March 10th, 2011

This happens to me all the time.
I delete a question that doesn’t interest me, and the next time I come to the Questions Just for You section, there are those questions again!
Are other questions being accidentally deleted? Is there a reason these questions boomarang back?

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That has occasionally happened to me. It was happening yesterday.

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There must be some sort of bug. I have trouble loading just about anything, giving lurve, and in general trying to navigate the site. At first I thought it was due to TJBM question being a zillion posts long, but it’s renewed, and we’re still having fits. Hey, MODS! Whazzap?

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The servers have been lagging. This causes errors. Support has been notified. It got worse a couple of days ago when several old long questions were accessed. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

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Yep, happens to me pretty frequently.

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This happens to me often.

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No. I completely ignore the questions for you section. That’s why I have 1000 questions queued there an even when I delete some the total never seems to change.

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@Lightlyseared I have the same amount in the “questions for you”: 1000

personally i always thought, “well that’s a dumb feature that doesn’t work” and sorta wished I could delete the whole thing from my profile page

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I often click on “not interested” or “remove question” only to see the same question later.

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I have the opposite problem. If I don’t look at or answer the questions I’m interested in the first time I click “Questions for You,” they’re gone the next time I look.

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Me too @SavoirFaire . I think that they are removed when they get a certain number of answers.
I really wish they didn’t because probably they are good questions, getting lots of answers.

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@SpatzieLover it used to show the exact number but they put a limit on it a while back for some reason. At one point the actual number was much much higher than 1000.

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