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Bill Cosby's Pin?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) April 16th, 2008

Does anyone know what that black and white pin is that Bill Cosby always wears?

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The pin had the initials ‘S.D.’ on it, along with a small ‘Jr.’ Cosby wore it in memory of Sammy Davis Jr., who died in 1990.

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I can see it now that I know what to look for. Thanks.

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I wear one that says O.D.B., in loving memory of Old Dirty Bastard, who died November 13, 2004.

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Do you really?

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Can’t you see it in my picture?

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I can see something else in the picture, but not the pin.

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Where can I find that pin? Do you think they have one for Eazy E?

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Totally. They have them at the ‘grill’ shop next to the taco truck. I’ll grab you one next time I go to liitle joker’s house.

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