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What is a pleasant tasting sugar substitute and what is it made from?

Asked by Aster (19301points) March 10th, 2011

Splenda is great in smoothies but I don’t know what it’s made from . Do you know if it’s ok to use or is there something more nutritious that doesn’t taste icky?

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I use Stevia which is an herb and the body has no adverse problems with. All the man made subsitutes are really bad for your body.

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Yes, Stevia is wonderful. You can even grow your own! :-)

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@Summum and @Coloma are right.I use Stevia too.

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Honey is good in smoothies too. just sayin’

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Don’t forget raw honey, VERY good for you!
Raw, organic honey is touted for allergy relief/ immune system boost, arthritis pain, and many other ailments. I start every day with a couple o’ spoonfuls of honey mixed with cinnamon.

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@all I don’t like the black licorice taste of Stevia…I’ve tried to like it, but can’t give ups my equal in my morning Fage because I still can’t find anything else I like better =(

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I’ve heard that Stevia tastes terrible so I’ll try and buy a small amount at first. LOL

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It has a little after effect a lot like diet sodas do but once you use it a lot then you don’t seem to taste it. Honey is also a great subsitute for sugar.

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Honey, it’s made from bee barf.

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Sucralose. It’s made from chlorinated sugar.

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I refuse to put any kind of artificial sweeteners in my body. I like turbinado which is a natural, non bleached, non refined light brown sugar that usually comes from Hawaii. It is sweeter than regular white sugar and hence, you use less. I use it in coffee and tea and occasionally when I am baking something. I try to restrict my intake of white sugar, but will not go to equal, splenda, sweet n low or any of that stuff – I have also tried stevia, but it has an undertaste that is unpleasant to me.

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Honey or maple syrup. Of course, they’re sweet but have their own flavor, so that may not be what you want. I have yet to find a sugar substitute that tastes like sugar. Even stevia tastes artificial to me, which made me really sad. I wanted to like it but sadly, it just tastes fake to me. :( I’ve not had agave nectar, so I can’t speak to how it tastes.

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@tedibear agave nectar…eh Palm sugar isn’t bad in recipes…I feel the same as you about Stevia. I really wanted to like it

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There is always fructose which the body can use immediately

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I always have agave nectar, which I forgot I had, and honey. That’ll be fun to try those tomorrow in place of S….what’s it called? Big yellow box.

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Aspartame made of amino acids.

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