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What's your favorite movie featuring a gypsy fortune teller?

Asked by twothecat (391points) March 10th, 2011

It can be old or new, silent or not.

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It’s in the basement…..of….THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!

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Big is awesome!!! I’ll have to second it.

As a back up choice, I’ll say “Thinner,” although I didn’t see it… I only read the book.

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Mallrats. There is this topless fortune teller at the flea market in the movie that has two nipples on one of her breast.

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Hands down it has to be Whoopie Goldberg in “Ghost”. I suppose Oda Mae Brown was more of a clairvoyant, but, whooo boy, did her character crack me up.

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Original The Wolf Man (1941) with Lon Chaney, Jr., one of filmdom’s all-time worst actors in the title role, and the insanely creepy Maria Ouspenskaya as the gypsy fortune teller.

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Mallrats. 3 nipples are better than 2. lol

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I love the scene in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” with Roseanne as the fortune teller.

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Big was very cute but I wouldn’t say she was “featured.” Very minor role. lol

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Several of my favorites have been mentioned.
No one mentioned Live And Let Die, cause that movie sucks.
I would go with the original Wolfman.

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The Wizard of Oz.

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@filmfann all Bond films suck, but in a good way. Live and let die would have been great if James Bond wasn’t in it, specifically Roger Moore.

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