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How will Fluther change now that it is owned by Twitter?

Asked by LollipopWebPromotions (6points) March 10th, 2011

Have there been noticeable changes/differences since Twitter purchased Fluther? Are the social search benefits of Fluther still worth it?

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From what I understand, Twitter does not actually own fluther. The fluther staff was acquired by Twitter with the exception of augustlan. It means that the staff has been around a lot less than usual. It is also much more difficult to implement physical site changes because the staff has to devote their time almost entirely to Twitter.

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Fluther is not owned by Twitter.

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Thanks for the clarification. I just read that Twitter acquired the team, meaning no one is promoting/developing Fluther at all any longer. Do you think that Fluther is still valuable?

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@LollipopWebPromotions Valuable in what way?

We in the collection think it has value. In that we can share our experiences and lives tales with one another.

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I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t valuable to me. This is my dysfunctional family, and I love it here.

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We have volunteer tech support. Some new site improvements were added 2 weeks ago.

Fluther is fine. :D

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It’s been a while since this happened and @augustlan is doing an absolutely wonderful job. I think Fluther is doing fine.

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It will have value as long as we give it value.

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It’s Fluther that is taking over Twitter.

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Plaid pants???

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We may be limited to 140 characters per answer, and get cut off if we try to go ove

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Twitter is a fluther plaid pants, can I be a paid twitter plant

Whats cute about that is that even if google and twitter and facebook repeat that; only we get the inside joke. Plaid pants is our thing. Go jellies! Go to the frizzer and look for the babby.

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@seazen I see your frizzer and raise you a cake.
Not a pancake, that is too distracting.

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Fluther is how Twitter babby is formed, under the shell. Duh.

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@Seelix Why duh for? Don’t let babby out of shell run away and find later in the frizzer for three years!

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I don’t think the plaid pants will find what they are lookin’ for around here.
Maybe they should try under the pool?

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I’m thinking pizza for dinner tomorrow. With double cheese and peperoni.

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I’d rather have pancakes. I hear they come with orgasms these days.

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Fluther won’t change, but twitter might.

I’ll have some maple syrup with my pancakes.

Or a sapsickle.

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@wilma I see your pancakes, raise your boobs – oops – now I am completely kerfuffled…

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Sigh. I’m hopeless. Show me the boobs

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Since Twitter only acquired the staff (except me), the day-to-day operations of the site aren’t really affected. New development will come at a slower pace, but that’s about it. :)

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@seazen my webcam’s on the fritz, maybe next time. ;-)
That was a great video!

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@seazen That was hilarious! I love my country, where do I sign up????

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