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What piano/keyboard music would you recommend?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) March 10th, 2011

Hi, I’m making a playlist of the songs I have on my ipod that are piano/keyboard only. I’ve noticed that my selection consists mainly of rock covers, video game music covers, and some Beethoven. I’m looking to expand my collection to something a bit more sophisticated/diverse, so I am looking for some suggestions on good piano music to listen to. You can list either single works, artists, albums or even websites. Please note I am interested in pieces where the piano/keyboard(sounds like piano, not other synths) is the ONLY instrument being played. I like the minimalist sound of piano and how complex the music can be with only one instrument being played. I don’t really care if the music is classic or contemporary, original or covers. I like it all. It can be soothing and peaceful/beautiful or upbeat, or dark and brooding, or even chaotic. Magnum opus or short, 2 minute songs (short is good, but I like epic tracks as well). As long as it sounds good. So whatcha got? Btw as far as Beethoven I have his 9th symphony on piano, love it. Oh and of course moonlight sonata.

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I’d recommend Schubert’s Impromptus. Here’s one as a taster.

There’s 8 in total (4 each in op 90 and 142).

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The Bach Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould.

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Arvo Part (Fur Alina specifically)

That ‘ought to get you started.

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Anything Scot Joplin is great to listen to, my dad used to play Jelly Roll Morton tunes all the time

Wabash Blues played by the Invisible man is a toe tapper.

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Do we have to stick to a solo piano?

Check out Yo Yo Ma playing the solo cello in #1 of Bach’s Suites for solo cello.

For more Beethoven piano music, try

The Waldstein a hair-raising rendition by V. Horowitz
The Pathetique Horowitz again at the keyboard
The Appassionata Horowitz once more

Robert Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood

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Erik Satie’s piano music is exquisite

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Claire De Lune – and/or- Moonlight Sonata

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I agree with @suncatt ! She is brilliant

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Berlin Wall by Dave Lanz
I second @SavoirFaire‘s suggestions of pictures at an exhibition. I like mussorgsy’s music, but i can’t stand how he writes it. who uses c clef on a piano anymore? Leave those to strings.

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@dxs Ha! Poor C-clef. It gets no respect. You’re right, though. It is pretty useless for piano music.

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