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What`s your current opinion on Walmart?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 10th, 2011

Lately, its becoming widely known how Walmart exploits chinese labor, thus greatly hurting it’s reputation.

There is also the ‘Crazy people from Walmart’ pictures running around the internet.

What do you think of Walmart today?

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I shop there all the time, and have an eye appointment there for this weekend. Will have lunch while there, and may get photos taken of my daughter. While there, gonna pick up some groceries and pretty much anything else there we may need, for they have pretty much everything else there at right good prices with a very friendly and helpful staff.

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Today I think of it as too large. Too far away, too old and too large. I do not appreciate the milk being a ¼ mile walk on the back wall of some of them. I don’t like the restrooms being on the back wall of some of them. So I don’t like the Texas ones but I loved the Arkansas small one I used to go to. It had delicious , sliced French bread; these don’t. And it was really new and relatively small so you saw the same, super nice employees all the time.
But mostly I don’t like lugging my groceries to the car and unloading them into the trunk. Especially in 98 degree weather.

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@12Oaks Yeah, I was always a fan of walmart, until I saw what Walmart is about in China. Ever since, I definitely am reluctant to shop there. Though one person wont affect their earnings, you have to consider that if everyone thought like that, we wouldnt have boycotts and such.

Was a nice place to shop though

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@aster So you shop/ buy groceries online?

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@Aster The two Walmarts closest to me have bathrooms in front and rear. So does the one my mom works at. All three are in Texas. Maybe you’re in an area with older buildings?

I don’t care. It’s a place to buy stuff in a pinch, if I need to although I normally don’t buy groceries there (unless it’s really late because they’re 24 hours, my grocery store is not) and I never, ever, buy meat there.

If they’re exploiting Chinese labor it’s with the express permission of the Chinese government. Back in the 90s, though, Walmart was all super gung-ho patriotic and swore they would only carry American made products. See how long that lasted, eh?

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I buy groceries at our local chain of stores. I want to try Target but, again, it’s a little far away.
I think the Walmarts here are older; I dont know how old they are but they look dreary and their restrooms are way in the back. grrrrrr….

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I never shop there. Maybe once a year. I saw the film on Wal-Mart, and the way they treat their source workers and their company workers. f@#*ing disgusts me.

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I would really, really like to conduct a poll of people departing Walmart – “Would you buy products from a communist country?”

Works with any big-box store, but Walmart has some uniquely anti-American practices

PS My personal experience? The few times I have been, I found dirty stores with poor-quality merchandise.

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I hate it….despise them. Everywhere they went they destroyed good family businesses all in the name of profits from selling deliberately and cheaply made forms of everything we need that at one time was good quality and American made. I went there 2 weeks ago at the insistance of my son who was enamoured by the “savings” he imagined shopping there would yield and I came away frustrated and disgusted by the cheepniss of everything About shopping there. Got a good deal on paper plates that were a bit thicker than a Kleenex. I cut them up into napkins!

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I do a great deal of my shopping at Wal Mart. Anyone who thinks they are the only store that sells merchandise made in China is a fool, or worse.

I do not base my shopping based on the competition’s propaganda, which is exactly what the premise of this question is based on. If another store offers a better deal, I buy it.

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My local Wal-Mart has name brand stuff with better prices and of good quality which employs hundreds of American citizens all from the community. And really, any paper plates I got from there were just like any other paper plate from any other store, except about 25% cheaper for the same amount. One reason I may not shop there and go to Target is because it is always so crowded. That will end pretty soon, though. Since Chicago refuses to let wal-Mart build in their city, our is building one right on the Chicago border, bringing our city and county the taxes it’ll generate. And those taxes are paid in American dollars. I’m going there tomorrow to buy a blue t-shirt, just because I could.

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@YARNLADY Make sure you know who is the fool here.

You can choose to be a responsible consumer, or just a greedy consumer. Wal-Mart steals jobs from right here in America, where it could be buying its textiles. I have a friend who is an employee at Wal-mart right now, has been there for 20 years, and has been thwarted and cheated every step of the way. He still barely makes enough to get by.Every time you shop at a place like Wal-Mart you add to the problem.

I buy clothes and such things secondhand, so that at least I know the profits are not going to the greedy companies who outsourced in the first place. I refuse to play those games.

Try watching the movie “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices”. It is surprisingly propaganda-free, just shows the facts.

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Also, there is no “competitive propaganda” here. There have been lots of independent reports by journalists and researchers about the corruption of Wal-mart. Do your research.

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I met man in his sixties in the walmart shoe dept. He told me he had been retired but when he discovered he could make $9 an hour straightening up shoes he was so happy. And he seemed really happy about it to me.

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I don’t like them, but they are the only ones who offer certain things, because they ran the small businesses out of town.

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I have no problem going to Wal-mart or Sam’s Club for groceries. I’m in the business of saving my money, not making a political statement.

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I haven’t been a Walmart shopper for many years—since their “We Sell American Made” scam was exposed.

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@ladymia69 Your description of the life of your Walmart employee friend fits the description of many other occupations. Walmart isn’t the first company to have unhappy employees. It almost fits the description of my husband’s work, and he works on a small family owned farm with fewer than 6 employees. The only change I would make in your description is that he’s only worked there for 8 years, not 20.

I shop at Walmart once a week. I buy groceries, household items and electronics from them. The only store within 10 miles of us is an IGA, and this little IGA does not carry everything I need. We need to travel 17 miles to the largest town in the area (population 20,000) before we get a selection of stores to shop at. The Walmart in this town is the most convenient for us, especially when the prices are better than everywhere else.

I’ve always received friendly, courteous help from the employees, and they didn’t bitch about their job any differently than anyone else I’ve ever met.

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@jonsblond Oh right, I doubt most of Walmart`s groceries are imported. People could possibly express their dissatisfaction with Walmart’s exploitations by simply not buying their imported goods (which may be up to 60% of their stock however, according to some sites.)

Yes, I`d continue buying their groceries too, why boycotting the rest.

And I understand your point of view, I`d keep shopping there too if there wasn’t any other stores in town.

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I no longer shop at Walmart for many reasons. I just can’t support them since they don’t really support their workers and because they have put so many smaller businesses out of business.After watching the documentary from 2005, I just can’t find it in my heart to feel right about trading with them.

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