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What are acceptable colors for a man's umbrella if you go by stereotypes?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 10th, 2011

This was the topic of discussion in the car on the way home. I’ll tell you what my kids said later. I’m interested in the six primary and secondary colors, black and white and then any further combinations that might appear in an umbrella, including multi-colored umbrellas. So off-the-wall is fine, too.

Of course pictures would help illustrate your point.

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Well, I guess you can’t go wrong with a traditional black one, but I think it’s better to have one with a little more character. I don’t know how practical that type would be in heavy rain, though.

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My son would opt for Purple with Pink Polka Dots cuz that’s just the kind of guy he is! So much confidence in himself! : ) I love him!

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If I go by stereotypical colors for hetero men, then I’d say either black, brown, olive drab, navy blue, khaki, or military camouflage.

I’d prefer a royal blue or a kelly green for moi if I used an umbrella, but I prefer a rain hat for hands-free shielding.

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My dad’s is black. Mr. Fiance’s is navy.

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@Brian1946 O. I forgot to mention my son is hetero. That’s what makes his confidence so great. : )

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I love it when people defy stereotypes!

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@Brian1946 He’s just so cool! He’s 23. He’s getting ready to go back to school in July to finish up a Biology degree, but at the moment he works as a cook / dishwasher in a retirement home. A couple of months ago, when it was cold, I crossed paths with him in town. He got out of his car to talk to me. He had a multi- pastel colored knit hat on his head. I said, “Hey! That’s my hat!” He laughed and said, “I know! But the old folks love it!” They just love him in general. He’s great! :)


Black, navy, dark grey, the typical masculine colors.

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I think red or maroon would be acceptable too. Or any type of umbrella that had some type of sports logo (especially if it’s the local football team) on it or some type of promotional logo (like they sometimes give away at golf tournees and banks or the state fair or even Seaworld)

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To the OP…...What does “stereotype” mean?

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If you are over 40 and not a hair dresser (not that there’s anything wrong with that) there are only two accpetible colors: Black and Navy so dark it looks black.
Anything else makes you look like Pee Wee Herman.

Stereotypical enough for ya’?

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@worriedguy That pretty much sums it up. I was recently on a college campus, in the school library and I had to smile when I saw a couple of fellows (that appeared to be quite hetero) wearing Hello Kitty backpacks. I don’t think they swing the other way, I think that these guys just think it’s totally “ironic” and cool. I loved it! But of course, they were under 40.

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i don’t see how there could be a color of umbrella that is not acceptable. who’s doing the accepting, and why should they care? i suppose some colors would be more conventional: black, darks, and neutrals. but who cares as long as it keeps the rain off?

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There is no excuse for a man to carry an umbrella. Just walk in the rain.

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@Mamradpivo ROFL!!! Right on!!

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@Dutchess_III stereotype? What are you asking? I don’t think you are asking for the dictionary definition.

Orange? Yellow? Has anyone ever seen an orange or yellow umbrella? Turquoise? Grass green? Spring leaves green?

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@wundayatta I guess…what’s rolling around in my head right now is WHAT is a stereotype, and HOW do they come about!? It really wasn’t directly directed at you, hon….just….what is a stereotypical umbrella for a guy? We have the answers, but of those answers, WHY are those the answers? It’s nothing, man. I’m just free-flowing.

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I don’t think the color has as much to do with it, rather than the style of umbrella.

A golf umbrella can be just about any color, since its big and everyone understands this.

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The only right color for a golf umbrella is Red and White striped.

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Real men use banana leaves!
some other cool ones below

or you could just stick to black, navy, dark green, and burberry plaid (that last one may be a little questionable) Those are the acceptable and so stereotypical colors IMO.
If you should choose to go with the leaf umbrella don’t be surprised if your children refuse to be seen with you!

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Queeny Gay Guys – Either a rainbow, Barbie pink or Signature Burberry Plaid, glittered or frosted white

Dykes and Straight Dudes – any solid color except pastels, pink, purple. Two tone, like black and beige :) That’s the one I just got. Hats, newspapers, magazines…

Old Ladies – Paisley, pastel, white, mauve, carnation pink, clear, baby poop color, 70’s orange, goldenrod, old n broken, half inside-out

Girls – the obvious answers

People with OCD – anything waterproofed after purchase with rainex or scotch gaurd

How’s THAT for stereotypes?

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@spykenij, what if you’re an old lady straight girl with ocd? i have two umbrellas, one with a print of monet’s garden at giverny and the other with van gogh’s starry night.

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I live in the north east of England Town & blokes don’t need no steenkin brolly! It pisses down a lot here too, we just like to get wet. Yeah baby yeah! :¬)

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@Jeruba Those sound like cool umbrellas. Those sound like maybe a guy could carry them off. A guy with balls, anyway, who didn’t give a shit… or maybe gave a bit of shit. LOL.

Are these umbrellas masculine, feminine or both? Any other comments about the umbrellas? Like? Dislike?

(1) Magritte umbrella. Or the (2) short version That would be awesome!

(3) Chagall umbrella.

Who could carry off a (4) Corsett umbrella?

Here’s my orange umbrella (or is it really red)? (5) Swiss army umbrella, anyone?

Could a guy carry (6) this off?

What does (7) camo say?

(8) Masculine or (9) feminine or (10) both? (11) Black and wine stripes? (12) Light olivey galleon? (13) Flamingos (note dark blue background)? I covet the flamingos. Please mother, may I have it? :-)

(same question for all brollys)

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i like all those art umbrellas, @wundayatta. it was hard to pick just two. i was greatly tempted by the magritte design.

can’t you picture a certain kind of man, one with a lot of james bond-type style and polish, pulling off the corset with flair?

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What’s a good color for a straight, uber confident male with a lot of imagination and a fun streak!?

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@wundayatta I totally want the first one, with the blue skies inside!! That was cool!

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@Jeruba – That would mean you are a classy lady ;)

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