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Is Chupacabra real?Or is it some dog infected with an unknown disease?

Asked by Flutherfish (93points) March 10th, 2011

I was on msn today and I was bored, so as I flipped through videos, I came to this video “Hunting the Elusive, Mythical Chupacabra”:
Do you think the Chupacabra is real?

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I think its some kind of hybrid dog or a dog with an ugly birth defect. >_> it kinda looks like a mix between a dog and kangaroo.

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It was me. Sorry.

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@Seelix is right. She’s really a werewolf.

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It’s a horrible case of mange – I’ve seen a few that bad.

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The bone structure is not the same as a dog’s in that the rear legs are disproportionally long. That part of the puzzle leads me to think it is real, possibly rare kind of canine. They are alleged to be sited in many places too.

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