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Encores at Live Concerts. Jumped the Shark?

Asked by CameraObscura (1155points) April 16th, 2008 from iPhone

So my girlfriend and I just got back from the Feist show here in Dallas. She did the ‘ol “thank you Dallas!” and walked off stage but wait-the lights stayed dark! What could possibly be coming next?!

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I don’t really understand the question, but never expect an encore. Be sure to stick around for a bit though, you don’t want to miss something.

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Sorry this was done on my phone and I’m a little buzzed. Are you not familiar with the term “jump the shark”?

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Thats one of my all time pet peeves. Why do you have to shout an jump up and down when you KNOW the band will be back out in two minutes. That drives me nuckin futs.

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Me too, honestly bands are a little spoiled…but who cares. I’m willing to jump up and down yelling “I stole your music, I hope your happy!”

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What i love is when i band will come out and do an encore and then leave and then people are cheering for a second encore and the artist doesn’t come back out. Then for some reason people will boo. Like wtf is that they just put on a great show with an encore didnt you have enough? This happened when i saw David Bowie in concert.

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I am usually happy with the concert before they do the encore, but I have seen the same as you. What the hell. People are never satisfied.

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