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Is it ok to take out my belly button ring while it is infected?

Asked by Unknown82 (228points) March 10th, 2011

My belly button ring is infected and I am pregnant so I want to take it out for good and let it just heal. Is it ok to take it out while it is infected and let it heal?

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Woooo, if you are pregnant, take it out. It will turn around and you will end up looking like you have a mutant belly button. Just take it out. It’s worth it.

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yes but i want to know if it is ok to take it out while it is infected… or will the infection heal inside or something??

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It’ll be perfectly fine. Just take it out and wash it with some anti microbial soap or sea salt water. It’ll get pretty nasty if you don’t.

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Take it out immediately. Then clean and apply Neosporine or Bacitracin . If the area gets red and feels hot to the touch or if you spike a fever, see doctor immediately.

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Don’t take it out!

I’ve been advised by professional piercing companies NOT to take out a body piercing if it becomes infected, especially if the piercing is new. Taking it out may cause the infection to get trapped inside the healed skin, causing an abscess, which can be very serious.

How far along are you? Is your skin stretching a lot? If not, you should be able to keep it in and clean it twice daily with anti-microbial soap (I use a brand called Hibiclens) until it heals. Do not use Neosporin, Bacitracin, or similar products. They will hinder the healing of your piercing.

I would contact your local piercing professional and ask for more advice if I were you, especially since being pregnant will make the matter a little more complicated. When it is healed, I would suggest removing the piercing so it doesn’t get stretched, but not before the infection is cleared up.

Lucky’s Tattoo and Piercing is an excellent company where I got several of my piercings, and I would trust their advice over anyone’s. Their “FAQ” page has lots of great information about caring for body piercings.

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Go to a doctor and get clarity!

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Go visit your piercer and have him take a look at it. He’ll let you know if you can still keep it or remove it. He’ll probably even take it out himself and clean it up for you….So go see him!

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But go to a doctor as any infection, anywhere on or in the body, can be more than meets the eye. Better safe than sorry. Feel better soon.

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When pregnant any infection is a serious medical matter that requires a visit to your ObGyn.

When should I remove my jewelry?
From this source

You should remove your jewelery if:

* Your piercing never healed properly; you can always re-pierce it after pregnancy
* Your hole is weepy, pussy, inflamed, red or irritated

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“I would contact your local piercing professional”

No way. I would contact a doctor!

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I would definitely see a doctor. I’ve heard that it can be detrimental to remove jewelry while you have an infection, for risk of developing an abscess. Take your navel to a professional and have it looked at ASAP.

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@crisw On its own an infected body piercing isn’t a big deal as long as you care for it properly. Both my navel piercing and industrial cartilage piercings have become infected, and it was painful and obnoxious, but consistent washing with anti-microbial soap and sea salt cleared up the infection within about a week or two.

However, since the OP is pregnant, that may complicate things. Most professional piercing people (I’m not talking Piercing Pagoda) are very knowledgeable about these things and can give excellent advice regarding piercings.

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