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Nope, least not the brands I’ve tried (Bare Escentuals—pricey and glittery, and Everyday Minerals—reasonably priced and better formula). It feels really light on my face, and depending on the formula you buy, offers really good coverage. I love the fact that it’s all natural. I don’t break out as much and my skin looks better than other girls my age who pile on the MAC.

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Maybe it’s the return to led-based powder….?

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I’m with jz1220 on this one. I have only tried Loreal (but pretty much every other over the counter cosmetic maker has one now). I love it. When I first got it, I thought it was a hoax. But the more and more I used it, the more I loved it. You can’t even feel it on your skin. It’s the best make-up I’ve used.

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really l’oreal? is it as good as bare escentuals.
i don’t know, i’ve tried so many different kinds of foundation. and the best i’ve used so far is bare escentuals. it doesn’t glog your pores, totally looks natural, has sunscreen, and it actually feels like it’s clearing up your skin.
i haven’t tried l’oreal, i think i almost bought it once but then i realized they give you less product for the price and realized it’s actually a little cheaper to buy the bare escentuals.
i guess the only difference is that l’oreal products go on sale all the time. that would be a good time to buy your make up!

so i guess the difference between liquid make up and mineral make up is the mineral kind contains less chemicals and looks a lot more natural.
just make sure someone helps you pick out your right shade and shows you how to apply the make up, that makes all the difference!

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I love bare escentuals

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