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What's the best thing to turn you on, music, food, sex, religion, or something else?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) March 11th, 2011

We were batting the religion question around and food came into play. I immediately got hungry and was thinking food can be a real turn on. It can be very sensual. What else fits the idea of sensual?

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Food, liquor and oral sex. ;)

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m really bad, my mouth is watering.

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Nancy Reagan’s soft head bobbing up & down between my legs faster than a shithouse door in a hurricane…..that’ll work! I’m sorry, do excuse me. Err, yeah i’m going to say sex & it’s affiliates is what turns me on. That & a nice bowl of soup…

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Romance and love. The rest is just icing.

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Compliments, and telling me what else you want.

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Sometimes a drink or two will help, but what is a must is that I like the person that I am with. Just being with them is a turn on. Giving oral is a turn on, too, as opposed to just receiving (not that i don’t like receiving, LOL).

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Food doesn’t turn me on at all, but I’ve turned a few people on while eating a couple different types of fruit. lol

A couple of drinks really turn me into a completely uninhibited person, which is a lot of fun. For me, what turns me on the most is seeing my partner so turned on. It may seem silly, but there’s nothing more erotic to me than giving pleasure to someone else and seeing feeling how their body responds.

EDIT: I got a little off topic from what I think you wanted answered, @AdirondackWannabe. Prior to getting into the bedroom, anything can be a turn on, if you’re in tune with how your body responds to stimuli.

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@Taciturnu @jca Very Nice. Nothing better than pleasing someone else and watching them squirm.

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The anticipation of a new lovers touch.

and porn.

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I know I already answered, but what really does it for me happens before we hit the playing field. Make love to my ears. Tell me what you appreciate about me – in particular, physically. Tell me how much you want me. Remember to do those “little things” that can mean so much. (Post a song on my Facebook page, leave me a note before you go to work, etc.) I need to feel vital to you as a woman before I can feel anything with you physically. You want to turn me on? Remind me of how I turn you on first.

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@tedibear @Lightlyseared These are some great answers.
I asked this question off the cuff, but you guys are smacking the ball out of the park with your answers. And reminding me of something I overlook from time to time. Take care of her (or his)mind and the body will follow.

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@Taciturnu Nope. You’re right on.

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4pm hits and I’m pretty much in the mood. I have no idea why.

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Housework done by my spouse. Now go take out the trash & do some vacuuming fellas ;)

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@Lightlyseared: what you said reminds me of the SNL skit with Will Ferrell and the woman where they always talk about “two lovahs.”

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Yes seeing my mate squirming and enjoying what I am doing for her. That is the biggest turn on there is, at least for me.

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Wine and the turbo jets in my hot tub.

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@Coloma Those jets seem to get a lot of use.:)

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They come and go. lol

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The best thing to turn me on is present some idea of yours that intrigues me.

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My S/O asking if I want to take a drive to the mountains.

My S/O asking me if I want to have lunch at an Indian buffet.

My S/O asking me if I want to watch re-runs of The Nanny.

My S/O willingly sitting through Star Trek TNG re-runs with me.

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Kissing,,,and nibbling on ears/neck/throat….

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@Coloma What is it with you people making me spit my drink out lately?

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