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What organization besides Red Cross can I send care packages through to Japan?

Asked by Sunshine1245_1190 (144points) March 11th, 2011

I am starting a program in my community to create care packages and I was wondering what organizations can I send them to who will send these packages to the people in Japan. Red Cross is not accepting them.

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Right now they don’t know what or how much they will need of anything. It is better to send cash than packages. When the first rush is over and they have a chance to assess, they will let the Red Cross and other relief organisations know what they need.

Many relief organisations have deals with Large corporations for discounts on many products, they can write it off as a tax deduction. In short your donation actually will go farther if you donate cash rather than goods in this situation.

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Sending packages as relief is not the most cost effective way to provide help. It is better to send cash, so the money can be directed to the greatest need.

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If you really want to send care packages, contact the USO and arrange to put packages together for our troops. They will give you a list of what to put in each package.

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